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    I Just Got Arrested at UConn. What Do I Do Now?

    I Just Got Arrested at UConn. What Do I Do Now?

    Getting in trouble in college is just not what it used to be. The best UConn criminal lawyers regularly get calls in the middle of the night from panicked UConn undergraduate and graduate students who have been arrested at UConn for Disorderly Conduct, Breach of Peace, Hazing, Possession of Narcotics, Fake IDs or Assault. Ten years ago, UConn campus cops may have just seized your contraband, issued a warning, and sent you on your way. Not anymore. As any college student will tell you, there’s a new wave of zero tolerance law enforcement taking over college campuses, and UConn is no exception. The stakes are higher than ever. So if you got arrested at UConn, Yale, Southern Connecticut or any other Connecticut college, then expect to deal with both the Connecticut criminal courts and a school disciplinary / expulsion proceeding.

    More importantly, get in touch with a top UConn criminal school discipline lawyer attorney to learn how take the first steps in keeping your criminal record and academic transcript clean…

    UConn Arrests Must Report To Rockville Superior Court

    The best UConn criminal lawyers and attorneys who defend UConn students know that the University of Connecticut maintains its own police department of approximately 69 sworn officers who patrol the multiple campuses around Connecticut, with about 50 of them working the Storrs campus. As a result, if you are arrested on the UConn Storrs campus, then you will be required to appear in Rockville Superior Court before a criminal judge. Let me be very clear: this is REAL criminal court (not UConn campus court), where if you plead guilty to your UConn arrest (even if it’s a minor UConn Fake ID arrest, UConn Disorderly Conduct arrest, or UConn Marijuana arrest), then this guilty plea will be on your permanent record forever, and will come up on every employment background / reference check for the rest of your life. Even for a simple marijuana infraction, it will still show up on every employment background check. Extra tip: Many UConn students are persuaded by UConn police to just plead guilty by mail to their UConn marijuana infraction ticket because simple possession of marijuana is no longer a crime in Connecticut. This is terrible advice. Click here for more on reversing your Connecticut simple possession of marijuana guilty plea by mail and getting your Connecticut marijuana possession ticket ripped up in Superior Court.

    How Do I Get My UConn Arrest Dismissed Quickly?

    Don’t panic. Let an experienced UConn criminal lawyer attorney evaluate your case, and figure out how, if possible, to get your UConn arrest dismissed as quickly and affordably as possible. Some arrests are more serious than others, such as a UConn Fake ID arrest (also known as Forgery in the Second Degree). Believe it or not, a Fake ID arrest in Connecticut is actually a felony and must be handled properly by your top Storrs or Rockville Connecticut criminal attorney lawyer, as you cannot have a felony on your permanent record at such a young age. As for tickets and arrests at UConn for marijuana possession, breach of peace, assault and interference with police, there are always defense strategies and arguments that the best Connecticut criminal lawyers can offer to try and persuade a UConn prosecutor or Rockville Superior Court judge to dismiss your UConn arrest. Click here to learn more about fighting Rockville Connecticut UConn Fake ID arrests.

    UConn Arrests for Assault, Breach of Peace & Interfering with Police

    As with any Connecticut college or university, UConn students will inevitably drink, party and sometimes even get into fights or engage in hazing activities at UConn. It is in these scenarios when you will most likely risk getting arrested at UConn for Hazing, Assault, Disorderly Conduct, Breach of Peace, or Resisting Arrest / Interference with a Police Officer. When you are in your late teens and experimenting with alcohol or marijuana—as many college students typically do—you can sometime lose control of yourself and act out against other college students or UConn campus police, resulting in an arrest at UConn for Disorderly Conduct, Breach of Peace or other misdemeanors or felonies. The best school discipline law firms in Connecticut know that courts want to see you get addiction counseling, alcohol and substance abuse treatment, and possibly anger management therapy before they will agree to dismiss your UConn criminal court case. You see, the experts at Rockville Superior Court want to make sure that your criminal case is not indicative of anything more serious, so this type of counseling and treatment (as supervised and managed by your top Rockville Connecticut criminal lawyer) will go a long way in getting your UConn arrest resolved quickly.

    Expect a UConn School Discipline Hearing to Quickly Follow Your UConn Arrest

    These arrests are frequently reported to the UConn Student Affairs Disciplinary Office, who will review the case and decide whether to commence UConn expulsion or disciplinary proceedings against you. At this point, you should inform your family, as going it alone in a UConn school discipline expulsion proceeding is never a good idea, especially with your educational and professional futures at stake. Fighting a UConn school expulsion / discipline proceeding requires you to fully understand your rights and remedies under the UConn student handbook, which can be overwhelming and confusing to an undergraduate student who is already worried about their UConn arrest and criminal court case. So if you find yourself arrested and facing UConn student conduct proceedings, then be sure to call a top Connecticut or UConn school education law firm with experience in defending school discipline and expulsion hearings.

    Contact a UConn Criminal Lawyer Today

    The Mark Sherman Law criminal lawyers have represented UConn students for over 15 years. We appreciate how critical keeping your criminal record clean is to your future, and will work with you and your family as quickly as possible, with the goal of getting your case dismissed, so that your UConn arrest does not affect your ability to land hard-to-get internships or job opportunities. So contact a UConn criminal lawyer at Mark Sherman Law today at (203) 358-4700.