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    Avoid a DUI: Take a Taxi Home

    Avoid a DUI: Take a Taxi Home

    Concerned about the expense of a cab ride home after you’ve had a bit too much to drink? Choosing to contact a taxi service after a night on the town is one of the best decisions you can make. The price of a cab fare can save you thousands of dollars in court fines,penalties, and attorney’s fees, as well as the long term effects on your driving and criminal record.

    Prepare in advance to make a wise choice. Keep the numbers to local taxi services in your wallet or purse. Having the numbers close at hand makes it easy to do the right thing even after a few drinks. Consider contacting one of these Stamford CT area services:

    • Stamford Taxi Inc. – (203) 325-2611
    • Independent Taxi – (203) 968-6800
    • Hoyt’s Taxi Service Inc. – (203) 972-0677
    • Canaan Parrish Taxi – (203) 966-6866
    • Stamford Yellow Cab – (203) 967-3633
    • Eveready Cab of Darien Inc. – (203) 869-1700

    It’s a good idea to be prepared to call a cab even if your group has designated a sober driver for your event. As the night wears on, you may find your designated driver has shared a few adult beverages in the spirit of celebration. Rather than offering to drive yourself or getting in the vehicle with an impaired driver, call a cab service for the entire group.

    The Law Office of Mark Sherman is here to help you. For more information on the legal implications of a Stamford or Greenwich DUI/DWI or other legal questions, please contact us. We will work with you and offer assistance in any way we can.