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    Can I Get Fired in Connecticut for Being a Victim of Harassment or Domestic Violence?

    Can I Get Fired in Connecticut for Being a Victim of Harassment or Domestic Violence?
    • It’s illegal in Connecticut for employers to retaliate against domestic violence victims.
    • This includes victims of stalking or harassment.
    • It’s common for ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends and family members to harass their loved ones at work.
    • The good news is that your employer is not legally allowed to fire you for being harassed at work.
    • So if you’re being harassed or stalked at work by an ex or family member, call a lawyer to protect your job.

    Can My Boss Fire Me for Being a Victim of Domestic Violence or Harassment?

    No! Especially if you are cooperating with a police investigation or criminal court case where you are the victim. As the best Connecticut criminal employment lawyers know, there are laws in Connecticut which prohibit your boss from terminating your employment because of your involvement as a victim in a domestic violence case, which includes stalking and harassment charges.

    I’m Being Harassed & Stalked at Work. What Can I Do to Protect Myself at Work?

    You need to contact a top Connecticut domestic violence victim lawyer attorney right away who can put your employer on formal, legal notice that you are being harassed and retaliated against for being a victim of harassment, stalking or domestic violence. Once that notice is formally communicated to your employer, you are protected.

    This is different than being a victim of sexual harassment in Connecticut, which you can learn more about by clicking here.

    Connecticut Law Protects Victims of Harassment & Stalking from Being Fired

    The exact law that protects CT domestic violence victims at work is C.G.S. § 54-85b, which states that an “employer shall not deprive an employee of employment, penalize or threaten …. with respect thereto to employment, because … the employee attends a court proceeding or participates in a police investigation related to a criminal case in which the employee is a crime victim…, or the employee is a victim of family violence…

    Does My Employer Have to Pay My Legal Fees if They Try to Fire Me?

    Yes. A Connecticut employer’s violation of the domestic violence victim retaliation statute provides for civil penalties, including seeking equitable relief and compensatory damages in a Superior Court civil action, including back pay, attorneys’ fees, and the rescission of the disciplinary action.

    Should I Call the Police if I’m Being Harassed or Stalked at Work?

    Yes, but you should first call a Connecticut lawyer with experience in both criminal law and employment law and discrimination. They can explain your rights to you and advocate on your behalf with both law enforcement and your employer’s HR and Legal Departments.

    Call a Connecticut Stalking & Harassment Victim Lawyer Today

    So if you’ve been fired, being retaliated against or are concerned about losing your Connecticut job because an ex or family member is harassing you or stalking you at work, contact one of the harassment / stalking lawyers at Mark Sherman Law today. We have 20+ years experience in protecting the jobs of victims of domestic violence, harassment and stalking. You can read certified client reviews from our former domestic violence victims by clicking here. Then call us 24/7 at (203) 358-4700 to schedule a consultation.