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    Can I Reverse My Guilty Plea by Mail to My Connecticut Possession of Marijuana, Cell Phone, or Speeding Ticket?

    Can I Reverse My Guilty Plea by Mail to My Connecticut Possession of Marijuana, Cell Phone, or Speeding Ticket?

    Lately we have been calls from people pleading guilty by mail in Connecticut to cell phone tickets, possession of marijuana or drug paraphernalia tickets, or speeding tickets. They plead guilty by mail and send in their fine money. No big deal, right? Wrong.

    Next thing they know they get an ominous letter from the DMV, telling them their license will be suspended, or that they now have to take a driver retraining course or else face automatic suspension. Even worse, the marijuana possession convictions stay on your record forever, showing up on every employer background check for the rest of your life.

    Wait a minute…stop the clock. What the ticketing police officer usually won’t tell you is that pleading guilty by mail to Connecticut infractions such as 14-219 Speeding, 14-218a Traveling Unreasonably Fast, and 21a-279a Possession of Marijuana can get your driver’s license suspended, get you slapped with DMV points, increase your auto insurance premiums, and cause you months of headaches and fees. Connecticut police may tell you that “it’s no big deal” to pay the fine and send the ticket in, but let’s see what they say when you send them the bill for your increased automobile insurance premium.

    So is there anything you can do to put the genie back in the bottle and reverse your guilty pleas by mail to infractions like Possession of Marijuana 21a-279a, Speeding 14-219, and Failure to Obey a School Bus Stop Sign 14-279?

    With the help of a top Stamford Connecticut criminal lawyer, there just may be hope to reverse your marijuana or speeding infraction tickets and undo the damage done…

    How Do I Reverse My Connecticut Plea by Mail to Speeding, Cell Phone, or Marijuana Possession?

    The first step in trying to do damage control is contacting a top Stamford or Greenwich Connecticut criminal infraction lawyer who can assist you through the steps of reversing your guilty plea by mail to your marijuana possession, speeding ticket, cell phone ticket or traveling unreasonably fast guilty plea. Be sure to have a copy of the check you paid to the Connecticut Superior Court Clerk handy for your marijuana infraction lawyer, as the date and amount of the check will assist the best Stamford Connecticut marijuana possession criminal lawyers in figuring out how to most cost-effectively persuade the court to reverse, or “vacate” the guilty plea by mail.

    This next step is submitting legal briefs to the court to “vacate” the conviction. The court will consider your lawyer’s reasons for the motion to vacate, including constitutional and statutory legal arguments and case law that will be submitted in these briefs. Sometimes the court will ask your top Greenwich or Darien Connecticut speeding ticket lawyer to appear for oral argument on the motion to vacate and reverse your possession of marijuana infraction guilty plea. It is at that point that you will likely meet with your attorney to discuss the court hearing and strategize how to best present your motion to the judge. Know, however, that winning the motion to vacate and reverse your Connecticut marijuana possession / paraphernalia infraction, cell phone ticket infraction, or speeding ticket or moving violation infraction is just half the battle here. Once it is reversed, the second step is fighting the original ticket and getting it dismissed.

    Once I Get My Connecticut Possession of Marijuana / Drug Paraphernalia Ticket Reversed and Vacated, How Do I Fight the Original Charge?

    Leave this question to your marijuana possession lawyers. We get this question often, and while there are never any guarantees, it is always worth considering hiring an experienced speeding ticket and marijuana possession law firm to assist you in fighting these infraction tickets. If your Stamford criminal lawyer can convince the prosecutor or district attorney to consent to the reversal of your infraction, then you can assume they may be willing to show some leniency in the prosecution of their underlying charge.

    Contact a Stamford and Greenwich Marijuana Possession / Speeding Ticket Criminal Lawyer Today

    So whether the underlying Connecticut ticket is a marijuana-related infraction or a motor vehicle infraction, you should understand the consequences of your plea. Many times you can avoid these headaches altogether if you connect with the right Stamford Connecticut criminal lawyer who has experience in getting these guilty pleas reversed and these tickets dismissed. The Connecticut criminal infraction lawyers at Mark Sherman Law have been successfully reversing marijuana and speeding ticket guilty pleas for years. Our sole goal is results: getting your guilty plea by mail reversed and then fighting the original Stamford speeding ticket and marijuana charge as aggressively as possible. Don’t let the infraction ticket system run roughshod over your driving record and insurance premiums. Contact us today to get back in front of this heavy-handed court process. Call us today at (203) 358-4700.