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    Connecticut High Schools Finally Using Title IX to Investigate Sexual Harassment Claims

    Connecticut High Schools Finally Using Title IX to Investigate Sexual Harassment Claims

    Maybe it’s the Harvey Weinstein case and the resulting outrage. Or maybe it’s the recent surge of sex assault and sexual harassment cases on college and high school campuses and off-campus parties.

    Whatever the cause, there’s something happening in Connecticut high schools…and I’ve seen it firsthand…

    They are getting their Title IX act together.

    Why Is Title IX in Connecticut High Schools?

    In its simplest form, Title IX outlaws sexual harassment and discrimination in any school or educational program that receives federal funding assistance.

    Just like workplace sexual harassment legislation, Title IX laws have been around for years (since the early 1970s), but school systems never seemed to care too much about enforcement or investigation.

    Until recently.

    As any of the best Connecticut Title 9 / IX attorneys and lawyers will tell you, Connecticut high schools are now taking sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual discrimination extremely seriously.

    When Can I Make a Complaint in Connecticut under Title IX?

    Every public school and school district must identify the school’s Title IX coordinator on their respective websites, a school official who presumably (but not always) is trained in Title IX laws, procedures and investigative protocols.

    Some of the top Connecticut Title IX lawyers would agree that there are scores of scenarios that justify a Title IX complaint to a Connecticut high school.

    Some of the most common are:

    • Grabbing a female or male student’s buttocks
    • Taking upskirt (under-the-skirt) photos of a female student
    • Social media comments about another student in a sexual manner
    • Talking to someone in a sexually graphic way that makes them uncomfortable
    • Not following the rules of affirmative consent during a high school social function
    • Cyberbullying a student of the opposite sex
    • Engaging in any other kind of physically aggressive sexual conduct against another student

    Any of the conduct above can trigger a Title IX investigation by either the victim student, or a teacher or administrator who files a Title IX complaint on behalf of the victim student.

    How Does a Connecticut Title IX Investigation Work?

    A Connecticut High school Title IX Coordinator or Officer will immediately launch an investigation once a report is filed and it’s determined a Title IX investigation is required.

    Note that this is a completely SEPARATE investigation from a police or Connecticut DCF investigation. (Connecticut Attorney Practice Pointer: Title IX files are another discovery avenue for you to explore during a Title IX or criminal proceeding).

    By law, the investigator will interview all parties involved, scrutinize all surveillance evidence, and then make a finding based upon a preponderance of evidence standard. Note that this standard is more demanding than a probable cause standard, and less onerous than the criminal “guilty beyond a reasonable doubt” standard.

    How Do I Fight a Connecticut High School Title IX Investigation?

    For starters, hire any of the best Connecticut Title IX law firms to assist you and your family. The last thing your high school student child needs is a Title IX violation in their permanent student file, or any kind of unwarranted school discipline on their transcript such as an expulsion or suspension.

    A top Connecticut Title IX / 9 lawyer attorney will hold your Connecticut high school and school district Title IX officer to the legal standards and investigation protocols required by law. Too often, schools are lax and nonchalant about enforcing Title IX laws and often like to railroad school discipline cases through by re-classifying Title IX cases and violation of other school rules in order to avoid all the legwork and paperwork involved in a Title IX case.

    Contact a Connecticut Title IX School Lawyer Attorney Today

    So if your child is involved in a Title IX / 9 Sexual Harassment investigation at a Connecticut high school, then contact one of the Mark Sherman Law attorneys today for a consultation. We can sit with you and your family, explain your rights, and help you try to achieve the best possible resolution regarding the sexual harassment claims. School administrators are NOT always up to speed on Title IX laws and we can help your family run interference with them, take them to task, and most importantly, protect your child’s permanent educational record and transcript.

    For more information, you can check out our former client certified reviews. Then give us a call to set up a meeting with you and your family. We are available 24/7 at (203) 358-4700.