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    Connecticut Voyeurism Attorney – Arrest & Search Warrant Defense

    Connecticut Voyeurism Attorney – Arrest & Search Warrant Defense
    • A Connecticut voyeurism arrest usually starts with a search warrant of your home or iPhone.
    • Anybody can get a nanny cam or hidden camera these days, which – depending on where you put it – can lead to criminal charges.
    • You might not even know you’re under investigation until the police show up with a warrant for all of your electronics.

    • If you’re being investigated or arrested for Voyeurism, call a top Connecticut Voyeurism defense attorney today

    Are Hidden Cameras Illegal in Connecticut?

    It depends.  If the camera is hidden in a bathroom or in a bedroom, where people have a reasonable expectation of privacy, then it’s probably illegal.  If it’s not in a private place, but records audio and conversations without people knowing, it’s probably illegal.  Voyeurism and eavesdropping laws are complicated in Connecticut, so it’s always best to get the advice of an experienced Stamford criminal attorney.  For more on whether you can use a hidden camera or a nanny cam in your home, check out this post.

    Is Voyeurism a Felony in Connecticut?

    Yes.  In Connecticut, if you’re arrested for Voyeurism under Connecticut criminal law § 53a-189a, then you’re charged with either a Class C Felony or a Class D Felony.  An arrest for Voyeurism in Stamford leaves you exposed to 5 to 10 years of jail, a minimum of ten years of sex offender probation, and a potential permanent felony conviction record.  For more on penalties for Voyeurism in Connecticut, click here.

    What are Examples of Voyeurism in Connecticut?

    Generally, Connecticut’s voyeurism laws prohibit taking pictures or recordings of someone when they are unclothed or otherwise have an expectation of privacy.  Top Stamford criminal attorneys often see investigations and arrests for allegations of someone hiding a camera in a bathroom, bedroom, or changing room.  Other common accusations include taking “upskirt photos” of another person, often on a cell phone camera.

    How Will I Know If I’m under Investigation for Voyeurism in CT?

    Unfortunately, unless someone accuses you directly before going to the police, you may not even know at first.  Some people find out they’re being investigated when a team of Stamford Police officers show up at their door, with a search and seizure warrant for all of their electronics.  Some people receive a phone call from a detective, asking them to come in for questioning.  Others learn about the investigation only after there’s a warrant for their arrest.  No matter the circumstances, as soon as you are aware of any type of criminal accusations against you, your first call should be to an experienced Connecticut criminal defense attorney to make sure all of your rights are protected.

    How can an Attorney Help me in a Voyeurism Case?

    An experienced criminal attorney will work with you to find out exactly what happened from your point of view.  In some cases, your attorney will advise giving information to the police, but only with your attorney by your side.  If you’re arrested for Voyeurism in Stamford, your attorney will carefully scrutinize all reports and electronic evidence before working with you to build your defense.  For example, did you actually have the intent to commit voyeurism?  Was there actually an expectation of privacy?  For more on how an attorney can help, click here.

    Call a Connecticut Voyeurism Defense Attorney Today

    Whether police showed up at your house with a search warrant, called to ask you questions, or you’ve been arrested for Voyeurism in Stamford, don’t make the mistake of trying to handle it yourself.  At Mark Sherman Law, we have a team of attorneys experienced in defending Voyeurism cases all over the state.  You can see hundreds of reviews from our past clients at  You can contact us at any time.