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    Don’t Take Chances with Your Childs Future After a Drug Possession Arrest

    Don’t Take Chances with Your Childs Future After a Drug Possession Arrest

    There is nothing so frightening and heart wrenching as learning that your child has been arrested. If the arrest is for drug possession, then your child will need to go before a judge in juvenile court, and that can be scary. You won’t know what to do, but you definitely don’t need to face the courts alone. Your child needs a qualified defense attorney.

    When your teen has a scheduled Connecticut juvenile court date, you need to hire an attorney to represent them properly. There is a good chance the courts could charge the teen with a criminal offense. Often, teens are charged with drug possession when they didn’t even have the drugs themselves. Teenagers like to hang out in groups and all it takes is for one teen to have the drugs and get caught. The whole group could be charged. Although it seems unfair, it is a reality. Whether this is the reason or not that your own child was charged with drug possession, you need to protect their future with the right legal advice and defense.

    The law offices of Mark Sherman will be your answer. We are experienced in working in the Connecticut juvenile courts and we will do everything we can for your child’s best interest. Our most important goal will be to protect the teen’s rights and to work to protect their future and avoid any criminal offenses going on their record. However, we can’t help you and your child if you don’t make the call. A drug possession charge, even on a teen, is a very serious offense, and that means you need the best legal defense possible. Don’t wait to call us. We will give you advice and then we will face the court system in the best possible manner to protect your teen.