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    Explore Sentencing Alternatives with a Stamford Criminal Attorney

    Explore Sentencing Alternatives with a Stamford Criminal Attorney

    Are you facing criminal charges and are unsure where to turn? Has the prosecutor offered reduced charges and penalties? If so, you need the assistance of an experienced Stamford Criminal Attorney.

    Protecting your interests

    The number one priority of an attorney is to protect you. In many cases, a prosecutor will assume that any charges brought by law enforcement are valid and they will prosecute accordingly, but life is often not that cut and dry. Cases successfully defended by Mark Sherman, a Stamford criminal attorney, however, reveal that sentencing alternatives such as the accelerated rehabilitation program can help defendants avoid criminal records.

    Deferred Sentencing for DUIs

    One area of Connecticut statutes that has become more stringent in recent years are the laws regarding driving under the influence. A DUI conviction remains on your record forever, which is a compelling reason to get help from a Stamford or Greenwich DWI lawyer, even if this is your first offense. In fact, state statutes do provide some diversionary programs for first time offenders which can result if having the DUI arrest removed permanently from your record. This may not be automatically offered to you, but an experienced Stamford or Greenwich DUI attorney can make certain you are considered for all alternatives available.

    It is also possible to be charged with driving under the influence without having a drop of alcohol in your system. If you are taking any prescription medication such as pain pills which can impact your driving you can be subjected to the same penalties as if you were substantially over the acceptable blood alcohol content. This is another case where you definitely need a Greenwich DWI lawyer in your corner.

    Alternative Sentencing

    For certain drug possession offenders, the State of Connecticut offers alternative sentencing programs such as accelerated rehabilitation, drug education, treatment programs and community service. Many of these programs are designed for first-time offenders and successful completion of the programs can keep your record clean. Subsequent arrests will be dealt with more firmly, but an experienced Stamford criminal attorney like Mark Sherman can still help negotiate the best possible disposition of your case.

    If you are facing criminal charges in Stamford or Greenwich, improve your chances of a favorable resolution by contacting a qualified criminal attorney today.