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    Fighting Connecticut Possession of Narcotics & Heroin Arrests

    Fighting Connecticut Possession of Narcotics & Heroin Arrests
    • Possessing small amounts of cocaine, heroin and oxy is no longer a felony in Connecticut.
    • Connecticut cops have wide discretion in charging you with simple possession or felony intent to sell.
    • They often threaten to charge intent to sell to get you to rat on your supplier.
    • Connecticut possession with intent to sell narcotics arrests carry stiff mandatory minimum jail sentences.
    • Opiate addiction does not discriminate, and should never lead to a criminal conviction.
    • Don’t cooperate. Don’t talk to Connecticut police.
    • First call a top Connecticut narcotics / drug crimes lawyer before you set foot in court or speak with police.

    What’s the Difference between Possession of Narcotics & Intent to Sell?

    As any of the best Connecticut narcotics and drug crimes attorneys can explain, Connecticut prosecutors and cops look at a variety of factors when deciding to arrest you in Connecticut for misdemeanor Possession of Narcotics under CGS § 21a-279, or Possession with Intent to Sell narcotics, in violation of CGS § 21a-278(b)(1)(A).

    What Makes a Connecticut Narcotics Possession Arrest an Intent to Sell Case?

    “Intent to Sell” arrests are almost always circumstantial. Here’s what Connecticut police look at when deciding charges for a narcotics arrest:

    • Quantity of Drugs. How many grams, pounds, pills? Courts believe the average heroin addict uses 2 grams per day.
    • Packaging of Drugs. Were the drugs packaged to sell? In individual bags or one single container?
    • Were You in a Known Drug-Trafficking Area?
    • Drug Paraphernalia: If a straw, grinder, or needle was found on you, this suggests personal use.
    • Cash: Large amounts of cash suggest a sale operation.
    • Cell phones: Numerous cell phones suggest a sale operation.

    Connecticut Arrests for Possession of Cocaine, Heroin, Painkillers Are Now Misdemeanors

    In 2015, Connecticut lawmakers started relaxing its drug laws, showing more sensitivity and compassion for addictive and drug-dependency narcotics like cocaine, heroin, Oxycontin, LSD, vicodin or adderall.   They re-classified and downgraded the crime of simple possession of narcotics under CGS 21a-279 from a maximum 5-year felony to a Class A misdemeanor.

    This re-classification significantly lowered the seriousness of Connecticut narcotics and heroin arrests, making it easier for the best Connecticut drugs and narcotics criminal lawyers to get Narcotics arrests dismissed.

    How to Get Your Connecticut Narcotics Possession Arrest Charges Dismissed & Expunged

    Once you and your top Connecticut drug lawyer get your drug charges dismissed, it’s critical that your lawyer does everything possible to get your CGS 21a-279 Narcotics possession arrest expunged off your record.

    You need your employment background checks or your immigration application background check to come up completely clean. Ask your lawyer about filing motions with the criminal court to order the destruction of your Connecticut narcotics arrest mug shot, fingerprints and arrest reports.

    Removing Your Connecticut Arrest & Mug Shot off the Internet

    Then ask about scrubbing the internet of your arrest reports and mug shots. The Mark Sherman Law Firm’s internet scrubbing practice is one of the pioneers in this area of law, as we regularly go after Google and online news websites who continue to publish our clients’ arrest reports, even after the case is dismissed.

    Click here for more on our internet scrubbing practice which removes arrest reports off the internet.

    Contact a Narcotics Possession Lawyer at Mark Sherman Law Today

    If you’ve been arrested in Connecticut for Possession of Narcotics or wrongly arrested with Possession with Intent to Sell, then contact a drug crimes lawyer at Mark Sherman Law today. Our objectives are: (1) getting you healthy, (2) protecting your reputation, and (3) keeping your record completely clean. Check out certified client reviews from our prior narcotics possession clients and then call us today. We are available 24/7 to take your call at (203)358-4700.