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    Fighting COVID Ticket Violations during Thanksgiving & Christmas Parties

    Fighting COVID Ticket Violations during Thanksgiving & Christmas Parties
    • Gov Lamont just extended his COVID-19 Coronavirus Executive Orders until February 9, 2021.
    • With the holidays around the corner, something as simple as a Thanksgiving dinner could lead to fines and court appearances.
    • Executive Order 9B authorizes fines for people who host and who attend gatherings exceeding a certain size.

    • If you have been ticketed for having too many people at your house, a dedicated Connecticut defense attorney can help.

    Is Governor Lamont’s COVID Executive Order a Criminal Law?

    No. Executive orders and laws are two different things. The laws of the State of Connecticut are also known as statutes. Executive orders are not permanent and are often enacted in response to time sensitive issues, like the Coronavirus pandemic. However, violation of the Coronavirus Executive Orders can result in you receiving a ticket, having to come to court, and paying a fine.

    COVID Violations on Connecticut College Campuses

    The novel Coronavirus has led to many executive orders and has also led to a new breed of fraud crime. If you believe you are being investigated for a COVID Coronavirus related crime or UConn or university COVID violation, click here to learn more about defense in this unusual time.

    How Big of a Gathering is Allowed in Connecticut?

    As you may know, Connecticut has been reopening in phases. Recently, due to the second wave of cases rising, we have moved back a phase into what is now known as “Phase 2.1”. This phase will last throughout the holidays and will affect how you can and cannot celebrate.

    Only 10 People Allowed in Connecticut Private Gatherings

    For all private gatherings in a private residence, there is a 10-person cap. This applies to indoor or outdoor events. If your event is being hosted at a commercial venue, you are capped to 25 people indoors in 50 people outdoors. The official rules for all events in Phase 2.1 can be found here.

    What Kind of Fine Can I Get for Hosting a Party in Connecticut?

    If you host a gathering in excess of 10 people, you could be fined $500 for each violation in Connecticut. The police may be called to your residence by a concerned citizen, they may be patrolling and see traffic moving in and out of the house, and in the unfortunate event that someone at the event has COVID and has to report to people they were with, the police can find out. This violation is similar to a speeding ticket in that you will not be cuffed and hauled off to jail. You will likely be given a ticket and a summons to appear in court.

    Will I Be Fined for Attending a Gathering or Party in Connecticut?

    In addition to fines for hosting gatherings, you could be fined simply for attending one. The fine for this is $250. In this situation you can be fined even if you did not know that the event would be in excess of 10 people. If you have been issued a summons for hosting or attending a gathering you should consider speaking with counsel who can walk you through the process and advocate for your future.

    Contact a Connecticut COVID-19 Criminal Court Lawyer Today

    The holidays are always a stressful time, and that’s truer than ever this year with the Coronavirus pandemic. Anytime you’re faced with court involvement, it’s important to take the allegations seriously and know that there is always a defense to be made. The attorneys at Mark Sherman Law will work tirelessly for you, evidenced by our over 300 5-star reviews which you can read here. Call today to learn more.