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    Find the Right Lawyer to Fight Your Connecticut Mohegan Sun Casino Arrest

    Find the Right Lawyer to Fight Your Connecticut Mohegan Sun Casino Arrest

    As any of the best Norwich Connecticut Mohegan Sun Casino criminal lawyers and attorneys understand, a Mohegan Sun arrest carries the same penalties and life consequences as an arrest in any Connecticut city or town. The misdemeanor or felony charge will immediately be made part of your record and will show up on any employment or finance-related background check. Your arrest can also show up on the internet—particularly online police blotter pages of the Norwich Bulletin or New London Day websites.

    So if you’ve been arrested at Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun Casino, keep reading to learn how to fight your Mohegan Sun arrest and whether you can get the criminal charge dismissed quickly and cost-effectively.

    Mohegan Sun Tribal Police Have Full Connecticut Arrest & Search Warrant Authority

    It was only 3 years ago when the State of Connecticut formally granted the Mohegan Sun Tribal Police with full authority to effect arrests and execute search and arrest warrants.

    In response, the Mohegan Sun Tribal Police Department beefed up its force, which today consists of nearly 25 sworn officers and detectives, who investigate felony and misdemeanor crimes at Mohegan Sun, such as Narcotics Possession, Counterfeiting, Prostitution, and Sex Assaults.

    Always Try to Fight Your Mohegan Sun Arrest to a Dismissal

    Inevitably, some Mohegan Sun casino guests go too far in having a good time. Whether it’s a fight at the nightclub, getting rowdy on the casino floor, or partying too hard in the hotel rooms, the Mohegan Sun Tribal Police can and will arrest you in their Tribal Police Department, issue a bond against you, and then order you to appear in Norwich Connecticut Superior Court (or New London Superior Court if the charges are particularly serious or are categorized as a Class A or B Felony).

    So before going to court, be sure to contact any of the top Mohegan Sun Norwich Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys. Many of the best Mohegan Sun criminal law firms and lawyers will sit with you and your family to craft the best defense strategy.

    Everything You Say & Do at Mohegan Sun Will Be Recorded

    Depending on the facts of your case, it can be blessing (or a curse) that almost every public area at Mohegan Sun (including the Tribal Police barracks) are recorded by state-of-the-art “eye-in-the-sky” casino surveillance technology. From multiple camera angles, no less. In the event that you believe that video evidence exists which can help your defense, you need to let your top Norwich Connecticut Mohegan Sun lawyer know right away.

    How Can You Preserve Mohegan Sun Video Surveillance?

    You or any of the best Mohegan Sun criminal law firms don’t have the legal right to view Mohegan Sun video surveillance footage at your discretion. The good news, however, is that the Norwich and New London Superior Court judges do have the authority to order the video surveillance footage preserved and handed over to the state prosecutors office, but the evidence preservation motions must be filed quickly before the security tapes are overwritten. CAUTION: sometimes this strategy can backfire if the video reveals that you were in fact guilty or engaged in some kind of misconduct.

    You can follow this link for more information on preserving evidence and winning a dismissal of your Mohegan Sun arrest.

    Contact a Mohegan Sun Casino Criminal Lawyer Today

    If you’ve been arrested at Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun Casino, get in touch one of the criminal attorneys at Mark Sherman Law today. As you can see from our certified client reviews, Mohegan Sun visitors from Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut are writing about their satisfaction with our law firm. So call us today. We’re available 24/7 at (203) 358-4700 and look forward to helping you with your Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods arrest.