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    Your First Day in Stamford Court for a Greenwich Disorderly Conduct Arrest

    Your First Day in Stamford Court for a Greenwich Disorderly Conduct Arrest

    Your first court appearance for a G domestic violence arrest for Disorderly Conduct C.G.S. 53a-182 can be overwhelming. You face a tough interview from Family Relations, followed by a 5-on-1 arraignment hearing.

    Here’s what to expect and how to get in front of your Disorderly Conduct arrest…

    It’s 5-Against-1 at Your Greenwich Connecticut Domestic Violence Arrest

    As any of the best Greenwich criminal lawyers know, while you’re required to report to Stamford Superior at 9am sharp, your case will not get called until the arraignment docket that starts at 12 noon. That’s when you need to be prepared for your Greenwich restraining / protective order hearing.

    Here’s what happens at this hearing: it’s you against the prosecutor, bail commissioner, victim advocate, family relations officer, and alleged victim. That’s right—they all have a say on the restrictions and parameters of a restraining order that the judge will issue against you at this first appearance.

    What’s critical here is that you or your top criminal lawyer argues aggressively for the least restrictive protective order possible: a “partial” or “limited” protective order. This order allows you to return to your home, and have contact with your family members.

    Your Stamford Family Relations Interview is Completely On the Record

    Before walking into court for your restraining order hearing following your Disorderly Conduct arrest, you are required to meet with a Family Relations Officer on the 3rd floor of the courthouse. There, an officer will want to conduct an intense and comprehensive “intake” interview with you…to not only learn more about your personal, professional and mental health histories, but to also “get your side of the story” as to how you got yourself arrested in Greenwich for Disorderly Conduct.

    Think twice before you start talking about your domestic violence case. I appreciate that you will be nervous and will want to cooperate with the court officers and staff—to be helpful—but you should not be talking about the details of your criminal case without a top Greenwich Connecticut criminal defense lawyer attorney by your side. Family Relations will share your admissions and disclosures with the judge and prosecutor, which can have a meaningful impact on your case’s prosecution track.

    What is AIC in Stamford Court and Why Is it Being Ordered Against Me?

    If there are accusations of alcohol abuse, or being drunk, high or on too many prescriptions drugs or pills at the time of your arrest, then a judge or prosecutor may want to order you into AIC (which is a court-sponsored resources center in Stamford that offers free social work and counseling).

    AIC stands for “Alternatives in the Community” and a judge may order it if you tell Family Relations (or if your accuser tells Family Relations) that you have a drinking problem, anger management problem, or psychiatric problems.

    The best Stamford and Greenwich criminal lawyers know that AIC can interfere with your job or family responsibilities to a point where it may get you fired. It can be up to 6 hours a week during the late afternoons. If you work in Manhattan, it’s virtually impossible to comply with AIC.

    Contact Us About Your Court Appearance for a Disorderly Conduct Charge

    So if you’ve been ticketed or arrested in Greenwich Connecticut for Disorderly Conduct / CGS 53a-182, contact one of the experienced Stamford domestic violence lawyers at Mark Sherman Law today. You can read success stories from our former Greenwich clients on the certified client review website, and give us a call.