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    Got a Family Relations Letter for Your Connecticut Domestic Violence Arrest?

    Got a Family Relations Letter for Your Connecticut Domestic Violence Arrest?
    • Most Connecticut domestic violence arrests request you to meet with family relations.
    • You can refuse this interview, but there are consequences.
    • You will get a letter in the mail from a Connecticut family relations officer after your arrest.
    • While the interview is not mandatory, you need to discuss with your Connecticut whether it will help or hurt your case.

    • Contact a top Connecticut Domestic Violence attorney to help you decide whether you should response to the letter.

    When Do I Meet with a Family Relations Officer?

    You meet with the family relations officers twice. Once on your arraignment date, and once before your first court date post arraignment. The arraignment interview is mainly to perform a risk assessment and recommend what level of a protective order should be in place. The second interview is more in depth, and goes into the facts of your case, and guides the family relations officer’s recommendation to the court.

    How Will I Know Which Officer is Assigned to My Case?

    We write often about the dos and don’ts of speaking to Family Relations Officers. In many cases the Family Relations Officer you meet with on the date of your arraignment will be assigned to your case. When you get a letter scheduling your interview in the mail, the assigned officer’s name and contact information will be in the letter. These officers are not always lawyers and everything you say can be used against you.

    What is the Family Relations Officer?

    Family Relations Officers are court employees who assist the court in family violence matters. For more information on defending yourself in family violence arrests, click here. Family Relations Officers duties are listed in Connecticut General Statute 46b-38c. The most important for purposes of your case are: (1) they accept referrals of family violence cases from a judge or prosecutor, (2) they prepare written reports on each case for the court, and (3) they provide or arrange for services to victims and defendants. For more information on defending yourself in family violence arrests, click here.

    Should I Interview with Family Relations Without Consulting an Attorney?

    The top Connecticut domestic violence attorneys will never recommend that you meet with anyone to talk about your case without consulting with counsel, including family relations officers. The purpose of this interview is to determine what recommendation will be made to the court and prosecutor about resolving your case. You do not want to unknowingly say something that will result in further prosecution of your case, so hiring any of the best Connecticut domestic violence attorneys will always help you.

    Will My Interview Be in Person?

    With the COVID-19 Corona virus rampaging through society, the court system has taken serious steps to limit in person contact. As a result, your interview will most likely be over the phone. The lack of face time could be a disadvantage, depending on the facts of your case. Call a top Connecticut criminal attorney to make sure everything goes smoothly.

    Contact a Connecticut Domestic Violence Attorney Today

    Don’t go it alone to a Family Relations Office interview. The outcome of your case could depend on it. Hire a top Connecticut domestic violence criminal attorney to fight for you. Read from our hundreds of certified reviews. Then call the Mark Sherman Law today at (203) 358-4700.