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How Do I Get My Connecticut Strangulation Arrest Dismissed?

How Do I Get My Connecticut Strangulation Arrest Dismissed?
  • A Strangulation in the 2nd Degree charge is a felony in Connecticut.
  • C.G.S. 53a-64bb prohibits grabbing anyone’s neck and impeding the ability to breathe.

  • Greenwich & Stamford police often add Strangulation second degree to a domestic violence arrest in Greenwich or Stamford.
  • CT Strangulation arrests always come with a criminal protective order.
  • A Greenwich or Stamford Strangulation 2nd Degree case can be published online.
  • So if you’re arrested for Strangulation Second Degree, contact a top Greenwich/Stamford Connecticut criminal lawyer right away.

What is Strangulation Second Degree in CT?

You can be arrested for 53a-64bb Strangulation 2nd in Stamford or Greenwich Connecticut if you restrain another person by the neck or throat with the intent to restrict breathing or blood circulation. Any of the best Stamford and Greenwich CT criminal lawyers frequently see Greenwich Strangulation Second Degree charges added in a domestic violence arrest where there was a physical fight and someone’s neck was grabbed. But what police don’t know (but prosecutors do) is that breath and circulation must actually be impeded.

Will I Go to Jail if I’m Arrested for Strangulation Second in Connecticut?

Possibly. Judges and prosecutors in Greenwich and Stamford Connecticut take Strangulation charges very seriously. Strangulation in the Second Degree in Connecticut is a Class D Felony, so if you plead guilty, you will be a convicted felon and will have a permanent criminal record. Besides that, you could face up to five years in jail, a period of probation, and a fine of up to $5,000.00.

What is the Department of Children and Families? Will DCF Show up at my Door after a Strangulation Arrest in Greenwich?

If there are children present, or even home but in another room, during a Greenwich or Stamford Strangulation arrest, then police MUST make a referral to the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (called “DCF”). DCF will typically show up at your door within 2 to 3 days. In some cases, DCF might even go to your kids’ school to speak to them, often without telling you first. If you are contacted by DCF after an arrest for Strangulation Second Degree, make sure to immediately talk to a top Greenwich or Stamford DCF investigation lawyer.

For additional information on Greenwich and Stamford DCF Investigations, click here.

How can I get my Connecticut Strangulation Second Charges Dismissed?  

Don’t go to court without a top Stamford or Greenwich criminal lawyer attorney by your side. You need someone who regularly defends Strangulation Second Degree charges in Stamford Superior Court and who can work to get your C.G.S. 53a-64bb case resolved as quickly as possible.

The best Connecticut domestic violence criminal lawyers know how to file motions to preserve potentially helpful evidence, how to prepare you for what you should expect once you are in court, and how to carefully scrutinize all police reports and witness statements to defend you against your Strangulation Second Degree arrest.

Will My Greenwich/Stamford Strangulation Second Degree Arrest be Published on the Internet?

It’s likely but we can often get it removed or “scrubbed” offline and off Google searches. Any arrest in Greenwich or Stamford Connecticut can be published online. From there, it can be re-published on other news websites, like the Stamford Advocate, Greenwich Time, Greenwich Patch and Greenwich Free Pres. Details of your arrest for Strangulation Second Degree often remain online long after your case is resolved, potentially impacting employment background checks and your reputation in the community.

At Mark Sherman Law, we have been and remain leaders in Internet Scrubbing, which can remove those reputation-ruining articles from the Internet and protect your career. To see what we’ve been up to in Internet Scrubbing, click here.  

Contact an Experienced Stamford or Greenwich Strangulation Second Degree Criminal Lawyer Today

If you were arrested for C.G.S. 53a-64bb Strangulation 2nd in Greenwich or Stamford, don’t go it alone. Here at the Law Offices of Mark Sherman, we are a team of aggressive criminal attorneys, with experience both in Stamford Superior Court and with the Department of Children and Families. We will work to get your case resolved as soon as possible. To see reviews from our past CT strangulation clients, check out our certified reviews on We are available seven days a week at (203) 358-4700.

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