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    PRESS RELEASE: Internet Scrubbing of Prior Arrests

    PRESS RELEASE: Internet Scrubbing of Prior Arrests

    Stamford, Connecticut—The Law Offices of Mark Sherman, LLC, a leading criminal and civil law firm in Connecticut, is addressing a growing need by providing internet scrubbing of prior arrests for its clients. In addition to their renowned criminal defense, workplace discrimination, and retaliation representation services, Attorney Sherman’s team will help its clients remove damaging prior arrest records from the internet, providing peace of mind and freedom from unwarranted attention.

    “Many individuals have endured the criminal court process and paid their debt to society, only to find their criminal records still published on the internet for all the world to see,” remarked Attorney Sherman. Even after being cleared of wrongdoing, records often show up on online police blotters and news websites, making it difficult for individuals to enroll in post-secondary education, obtain housing and even gain employment.

    The use of the internet to abuse information in this way is relatively new so there are no standards in place to prevent the way past criminal records are displayed on online media outlets. As a result, dismissed cases and prior arrests tend to pop up all over the internet even though the records have been officially expunged. “Imagine fighting a long battle in court to clear your good name and then having to start the battle all over again because information about your arrest is available to anyone simply by typing your name into a search engine.”

    The Law Offices of Mark Sherman, LLC performs a valuable service to individuals whose old records have been strewn across the internet. “Our attorneys are very familiar with the unique struggles people deal with when they have a criminal record,” Sherman said. “It can be devastating if those records are not removed from the internet when their cases have been cleared, so we work hard to help clients erase their criminal records from the internet.” In addition to helping clients endure the court process and clear their criminal records, attorneys will dedicate a significant amount of time scrubbing the internet of any record of clients’ prior arrests.

    The firm is dedicated to winning all of their cases, regardless of what the claims are. While some firms try to tell clients what they want to hear, Sherman’s team has an open and honest communication policy which ensures that clients will be able to make more informed decisions. Attorney Sherman and his associates have successfully defended cases involving DUI, drugs, assault, child pornography, forgery, larceny, and domestic violence for individuals in Connecticut and New York for many years.

    Now, the firm will assist clients through one more crucial step: scrubbing the internet of prior arrests. A person may be cleared of all charges, but until those records are removed from the public eye, that person may still have difficulty securing employment, renting an apartment or enrolling in college. “Once the court process is complete, our clients are more than ready to move on with their lives. However, that’s difficult to do if their records haven’t been removed from the internet. Whether we’ve provided your defense and this is the last step or you’re a brand new client looking to put the past behind you, we can help you restore your good name and move on with your life.” Sherman said.

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    Mark Sherman has been a member in good standing of the State Bars of Connecticut, New York, and Florida since 1998. His firm focuses on criminal and civil litigation and assists clients throughout Connecticut and New York. Sherman has successfully handled hundreds of difficult cases, many of which have received high-profile media attention. For more information, visit the firm’s website.