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    Internet Shaming of Connecticut Underage Drinkers (& their Parents) Has Got to Stop

    Internet Shaming of Connecticut Underage Drinkers (& their Parents) Has Got to Stop

    Connecticut police are going to even greater lengths these days to bust underage drinking parties and arrest teenagers and their parents for distributing and possessing alcohol.

    Many of the top criminal lawyers / attorneys in Darien, New Canaan, Wilton and Greenwich Connecticut—the smaller Connecticut towns where underage drinking parties continue to take place—are seeing more arrests, and worse, the public shaming of these teenagers and parents on the internet. Police routinely release their names and mug shots to daily news websites, triggering an avalanche of bad press and reputation smearing.

    The irony? In spite of law enforcement’s anti-underage drinking campaigns to deter underage drinking, Connecticut police still can’t get it right…

    Connecticut Underage Social Hosting Arrests under CGS 30-89a

    Social Hosting arrests under CGS 30-89a in Darien, New Canaan, Greenwich and Wilton Connecticut, and well as felony Providing Alcohol to Minor arrests in Darien, Greenwich and Connecticut under CGS 30-86 are destroying reputations, and undermining college, grad school and employment prospects for students and their parents. The typical Connecticut social hosting arrest scenario takes place when your son or daughter has a few friends over when you’re out for the evening, or out of town for the night. One ping about the gathering on social media triggers a snowball effect—as kids tell other kids who show up uninvited, and bring alcohol or marijuana into your home.

    As the best juvenile crime lawyers in Darien, New Canaan and Greenwich Connecticut know, the police have “party-busting” hotlines and response teams that will swarm upon the house, bust up the party, enter the house (either with or without a search warrant or permission), seize contraband, and make arrests.

    Fighting Alcohol Arrests in Darien, New Canaan & Greenwich

    Fighting these cases in Stamford and Norwalk court involves an aggressive defense strategy and the assistance of a top Stamford or Norwalk Connecticut criminal attorney lawyer who regularly appears in criminal court, not a divorce or personal injury lawyer who takes criminal cases just once in while. Follow this link for detailed strategies on fighting Social Hosting arrests in Darien, Greenwich, Westport, or anywhere in Connecticut.

    How Do Darien, Greenwich & Connecticut Online News Websites Get this Info?

    At least once a week, police departments in Darien, New Canaan, Wilton, Greenwich and other small Connecticut towns release all of the prior week’s arrest report summaries, names, addresses, and even mug shots of people who were arrested in town.

    And weekly online news websites like the Patch, Daily Voice, Darien Times, The Hour, Darien News Online, and Wilton Villager are all over it.

    Want to know why? Because their police blotter / arrest report pages get the most clicks, which means they can make the most money off selling digital ads on these arrest report pages. That’s why these websites take great care in updating these police blotter pages, showcasing them on their home / front page, and even worse, optimizing their police blotter pages on search engine websites like Google and Yahoo.

    Connecticut Lawmakers Come to the Rescue

    There’s hope, however. Thanks to Connecticut legislators who realized there should be a more fair and equitable way to resolve Connecticut underage drinking cases / Minor in Possession of Alcohol charges under CGS 30-89a. Instead of dragging your child through the court system, they have created a little-known “diversionary” program that your top Connecticut underage drinking criminal lawyer attorney can try and persuade the court to grant you or your teenager.

    If you’re able to get this program, your charges will get dropped quickly, without any permanent conviction record, and without any suspension of your Connecticut driver’s license. So if you or your child have been charged or arrested in Connecticut for Possession of Alcohol by a Minor or Permitting Minors to Illegally Possess Alcohol under CGS 30-89 or 30-86, then make sure you have a top Fairfield County criminal law firm by your side on your first day of court.

    The Mark Sherman Law Firm’s Underage Drinking & Internet Scrubbing Practices

    The team of criminal lawyers at Mark Sherman Law not only have over 30 years of collective experience in fighting underage drinking arrests in Connecticut, but we also are one of the leaders in the State of Connecticut in removing Connecticut arrests from the internet, and getting arrests off Google searches. We realize that the online publication of your arrest is as devastating as the arrest itself. So read reviews from our prior, satisfied clients on the Avvo certified website, and call us today. We are available 24/7 at (203) 358-4700.