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    Law Enforcement All Stars Gather for Connecticut Human Trafficking Summit at New Canaan’s Grace Farms

    Law Enforcement All Stars Gather for Connecticut Human Trafficking Summit at New Canaan’s Grace Farms

    I can’t recall a legal seminar with so much legal horse power than this week’s upcoming summit on Human Trafficking and Child Trafficking sponsored by New Canaan’s Grace Farms Foundation’s Justice Initiative. If you’re from Fairfield County and you haven’t heard about what’s happening at Grace Farms, then you need to check it out. It’s a picturesque back-country sanctuary that offers a dynamic syllabus of social, educational and cultural programming. As for the lineup at this week’s Grace Farms Connecticut Human Trafficking seminar, it’s a who’s who of past and present state and federal law enforcement’s top attorneys, agents and officers who will be discussing the growing problem of Child/ Human Sex Trafficking in Connecticut and the United States. At this rare gathering, Connecticut state’s attorneys, United States attorneys, and chiefs of police will be convening at Grace Farms to share their thoughts on recent efforts and trends in fighting Human Trafficking.

    Many people arrested in Connecticut for Human Trafficking under CGS 53a-192a may not fully understand how serious Connecticut police and FBI are prosecuting these crimes. This week’s Grace Farms Human Trafficking symposium will reveal just that—emphasizing the perils and risks of getting arrested in Connecticut for Human Trafficking…

    Human Trafficking Arrests in Connecticut

    Exactly what is “Human Trafficking” in Connecticut? Top Stamford, Greenwich and Harford Connecticut sex crimes criminal lawyers and attorneys understand that human trafficking is when you force a minor or another individual into sex or labor services rendered in exchange for money. National statistics show that over 20,000 women and children are smuggled into this country each year and forced to work in illegal sex and labor operations. The best Connecticut criminal lawyers know that if you get arrested for Human Trafficking in Connecticut under CGS 53a-192a or any serious Connecticut sex crime arrest, then you could be facing a Class B felony which carries a maximum jail sentence 20 years in jail. Human trafficking rings in Connecticut typically thrive near Connecticut’s casinos and cities, particularly in connection with escort and massage parlors in Connecticut. The victim-laborers of Connecticut Human Trafficking rings are typically afraid to go to the police, as they may have been threatened that they and their family members will be physically harmed or reported to United States immigration authorities if they make a report to the police or call 911. As a result, it has become very challenging for Connecticut Human Trafficking rings to be broken up by victims who are just too afraid to come forward. That’s likely one of the reasons why this week’s Grace Farms symposium is tackling this issue from a multi-disciplinary approach, tapping both the private and public sectors for resources and initiatives that will help solve this growing, nationwide problem.

    Fighting Human Trafficking Arrests in Connecticut

    So with all these federal and state resources being dedicated to fighting Human Trafficking cases in Connecticut locations like Stamford, Hartford, New Haven or Mohegan Sun / Foxwoods, you have to wonder if it’s even possible to get your arrest in Connecticut for Human Trafficking dismissed. Top Connecticut Human Trafficking criminal lawyers and attorneys are used to seeing Connecticut Human Trafficking sex stings cast a wide net of arrests in the hopes that a few of the people arrested will cooperate or “flip” on the other participants in the operation. Sex crimes detectives and Connecticut FBI agents who organize these Connecticut human sex trafficking stings and sweeps hope the fear of going to jail for 20 years will pressure the suspects to roll over on their co-conspirators. However, before even considering talking to the police in a Human Sex Trafficking sting operation in Connecticut, you should contact a top Connecticut criminal lawyer to determine if the police even have a case against you. For more on fighting Human Trafficking arrests in Connecticut, click here.

    Contact a Connecticut Criminal Lawyer for Your Sex Crime / Human Trafficking Arrest in Connecticut

    The criminal lawyers at Mark Sherman Law are closely following state and federal law enforcement trends in investigating and enforcing Human Trafficking arrests in Connecticut. The Grace Farms Justice Initiative’s efforts will no doubt result in improving the community’s understanding of Human Trafficking, raise awareness and sensitivity to these issues, and possibly help raise financial resources within the private sector which can assist in these efforts. But if you find yourself on the other side of this narrative…that is, if you find yourself arrested in Connecticut for Human Trafficking, Coercion or Sex Crimes, then contact a Mark Sherman Law criminal lawyer to understand the Connecticut Human Trafficking charges against you. We will work with you to craft the most cost-effective and aggressive defense strategy, regardless of whether your case is being prosecuted in the Connecticut state or federal courts. Call us at (203) 358-4700 for a consultation on your Connecticut Human Trafficking arrest today.