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    Make Your UConn Arrest Disappear – 3 Tips to Know Right Now

    Make Your UConn Arrest Disappear – 3 Tips to Know Right Now

    Many of the best Storrs and Rockville Connecticut criminal law firms frequently see teenagers and college students get arrested by UConn police for petty crimes like marijuana possession, Fake IDs, marijuana possession and alcohol distribution. It’s hard to believe that the UConn Police Department would actually waste police resources on prosecuting these “quality of life” crimes, but if you ask any top UConn criminal defense attorney, they can confirm that not only are these crimes regularly prosecuted, but they are also causing good, hard-working UConn students to get suspended and expelled.

    So before going to Rockville Superior Criminal Court alone to fight your UConn arrest, check out our in-depth UConn arrest page, and then give a quick read to these 3 tips below that can hopefully help you during your UConn Police Department arrest and school discipline hearing…

    Whatever You Do, Don’t Lie to UConn Police

    The UConn Police Department consists of nearly 70 sworn police officers, about 50 of whom patrol the Storrs campus. They are experienced with working with teenagers and college kids, so assume for the most part that you and your buddies aren’t going to outsmart them. So if they ask you questions in the course of an investigation—whether it is for drugs, alcohol, a suspected sex assault, hazing, or whatever—tell them you need to speak with your lawyer. Once you say the word “lawyer,” they are obligated to stop questioning you.

    Most importantly, don’t lie to them. That could get you arrested for a separate crime of Interfering with Police or Providing a False Statement to the Police. It is your legal right not to answer any questions. (You can always answer them later once you’ve spoken to your top UConn criminal lawyer attorney, and it’s much better not to incriminate yourself by making an damaging statement to them).

    Don’t Give Them Access to Your Dorm Room or Apartment

    Many of the most experienced UConn criminal defense lawyers always hear stories about UConn Police barging into dorm rooms and tossing dorm rooms for drugs and contraband. Know your legal rights: this is your residence pursuant to a lease agreement with the school, and police usually don’t have an unfettered, unrestricted right to search your apartment or dorm room without your permission. So say no. No matter how much pressure they are putting on you, and no matter what kind of heavy-handed threats or pressure tactics they try to use against you. Chances are they will try and scare you by telling you that you “could” get kicked out of school, suspended or kicked off campus. UConn Police Officers do NOT have the right to do any of these things, so don’t panic, politely ask the police officers to leave, and tell the UConn Police you will have your top UConn criminal lawyer call them shortly.

    Read Your UConn Student Handbook Before Speaking to Any UConn Deans

    Finally, a school investigation usually goes hand in hand with any UConn student arrest. That’s why you should be prepared for a telephone call or letter in the mail from a UConn Dean of Student Affairs who will be conducting a school discipline investigation into your UConn arrest.

    So first things first: read your Student Handbook to understand the procedures and process of your investigation, as the rules may vary depending on whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student. Then, make sure you don’t speak to the school without talking first with a top UConn school expulsion lawyer. Everything you say to UConn deans and officials can be shared with UConn police and the Rockville Superior Court judge, so make sure you are very careful about what is disclosed to the school, especially in drug cases and cases at UConn that involve accusations of rape, sex assault and hazing.

    Contact a UConn Arrest Lawyer at Mark Sherman Law Today

    The team of criminal lawyers at Mark Sherman Law has been assisting UConn students and their families—both graduate and undergraduate—since 1998. We are well-versed and experienced in the UConn disciplinary process as well as the Rockville Superior Court criminal justice system. Our sole goal is getting your UConn arrest dismissed quickly and cost-effectively, with as little impact on your reputation and academic transcript as possible. So take a look at our former client reviews, and then give us a call to discuss how we can you and your family. And unlike many of our competitors, our 24/7 arrest hotline can connect you to an attorney within minutes of your picking up the phone. So call us today at (203) 358-4700.