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    My Child Just Got Arrested in Connecticut for Possessing a Fake ID

    My Child Just Got Arrested in Connecticut for Possessing a Fake ID
    • Possessing a Fake ID in Connecticut is a felony called Forgery Second Degree under CGS 53a-139.
    • You can still get arrested in Connecticut for Possessing a Fake ID / Forgery Second Degree for just having the Fake ID in your wallet, even if you don’t show the Fake ID to a police officer or bouncer!
    • Fake ID possession charges are punishable by up to 5 years in prison.
    • Before you rush into the Accelerated Rehabilitation (“AR”) program, talk to a top Connecticut criminal lawyer attorney to get the charge reduced to a misdemeanor so you can use the AR program again in the future.

    How Do I Get My Child’s Connecticut Fake ID / Forgery Arrest Dismissed?

    There are several defense strategies for getting your child’s Fake ID / Forgery Second Degree dismissed under CGS 53a-139 (click here for more on these defense strategies).

    If your Connecticut high school or college student is an honors student, or does a lot of community service and has a great transcript or resume, then any of the best Connecticut Fake ID criminal lawyers may be able to persuade the prosecutor to drop the charges. Alternatively, if you, your son or your daughter did not show the Fake ID to the police and was honest about having the Fake ID in their wallet, then you may be able to reach a quick disposition with the prosecutor that doesn’t involve burning the AR program.

    If You Must Use the AR Program for a Fake ID Arrest, then Get the Charges Reduced

    Many of the best criminal defense attorneys at Fairfield University, UConn and Quinnipiac know that you can only use the AR Program once in your life if you burn it for a felony charge. That’s why your lawyer should try and negotiate for the reduction of the Forgery Second Degree felony charge to a Forgery Third Degree misdemeanor charge before you apply for the AR Program. This means you or you college student or high school student child can use the AR Program again later in life. It’s a critical defense strategy that must be exhausted before you make an application for the Connecticut Accelerated Rehabilitation program.

    Fake ID Arrests at UConn, Yale & Quinnipiac Are on the Rise

    The best criminal lawyers at UConn, Fairfield University & Quinnipiac are seeing more and more arrests for Fake ID / Forgery Second Degree in connection with campus police efforts to curb underage drinking.

    The problem is that while these efforts are well-intentioned, felony arrests in Connecticut for Fake ID Possession and Forgery Second Degree under CGS 53a-139 severely damages the professional futures of students who get arrested. First, their arrests are published online and dominate Google searches of these students’ names. Second, the felony arrests in Connecticut for Fake ID / Forgery Second Degree automatically trigger school discipline proceedings, which can result in suspension or expulsion penalties if not handled properly.

    Get Your Connecticut Fake ID Arrests off the Internet & Google Searches

    Feel free to follow this link to see certified client reviews from hundreds of our former clients, including many who fought Fake ID arrests of high school and college students who have worked with our firm and had their cases both dismissed, and taken off the internet and Google searches.

    Contact a Connecticut Fake ID / Forgery Criminal Defense Attorney Today

    The team of Fake ID criminal defense attorneys at Mark Sherman Law are deeply familiar with the nuances of Connecticut Forgery and Fake ID laws. We will aggressively negotiate with prosecutors to drop the Fake ID charges outright, or reduce them to misdemeanors, which will protect you or your child in the event of any future run-ins with the law. Call us today for a consultation at (203) 358-4700.