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    Do I Need A Lawyer For A Greenwich & Stamford 53a-182 Disorderly Conduct Arrest?

    Do I Need A Lawyer For A Greenwich & Stamford 53a-182 Disorderly Conduct Arrest?

    Getting arrested in Greenwich or Stamford for Disorderly Conduct under CGS 53a-182 may at first not seem like such a big deal. Many times you don’t even have to post bond or bail, get handcuffed, photographed, fingerprinted, or even booked when you are charged and arrested in Stamford or Greenwich for 53a-182 Disorderly Conduct. Some say it feels just like a speeding ticket.

    But this couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a Class C misdemeanor—punishable by up to 90 days in jail. Plus, a guilty plea brands you with a criminal record forever And yes, you should probably hire a lawyer. Here’s why…

    The Crime of 53a-182 Disorderly Conduct

    The actual Connecticut Disorderly Conduct criminal statute is defined in CGS 53a-182 and makes illegal any kind of intentional or reckless disturbance, noise, threat, or obstruction that causes someone annoyance or alarm. As you can imagine, the 53a-182 Disorderly Conduct is a broadly interpreted and loosely enforced crime, leading to many arrests in Stamford and Greenwich for Disorderly Conduct. Click here for more information on the details of a Stamford arrest for Disorderly Conduct.

    Why You Should Hire a Lawyer for Your Stamford Disorderly Conduct Arrest

    As many of the best Stamford criminal lawyers would point out, when police arrest you for Disorderly Conduct in Stamford or Greenwich, they are not looking to stick you with a permanent criminal record. Rather, the purpose of arresting you in Greenwich Connecticut for Disorderly Conduct is to trigger the court system to take a closer look at your case, and make sure your Connecticut 53a-182 Disorderly Conduct arrest is not a red flag for a more serious problem, such as an alcohol or substance abuse or dependence issue, a mental health problem, or an escalating domestic violence situation. Norwalk and Stamford prosecutors carefully scrutinize your arrest reports and look for time-tested and historical indicia of such problems, and will often require you to complete counseling or additional requirements in order to get a good resolution for your Stamford Disorderly Conduct arrest.

    So why do you need a lawyer? Can’t I just handle this myself? Well consider this. A top Stamford criminal attorney will try and get in front of the pre-trial discussions with the prosecutor. They will usually review your police reports in advance of your first court date and will be prepared for any red flags in your police reports, such as damaging witness statements, unfavorable surveillance video recordings, or police narratives describing a poor attitude of yours. If you go it alone, you will usually find yourself in Stamford court having to defend yourself against questions from a prosecutor, and remember, anything you say to them can and will be used against you.

    Additionally, a top Greenwich Connecticut criminal lawyer can work with the prosecutors right out of the gate to propose a resolution to your case that will work for everyone, and that will not require a lengthy period of probation, supervision or court monitoring. You deserve a quick and complete resolution to your Stamford Connecticut Disorderly Conduct arrest. The best Stamford Criminal lawyers will know the best methods for trying to get your Stamford Disorderly Conduct arrest dismissed as quickly as possible.

    Getting Your Disorderly Conduct Arrest Removed Off the Internet & Your Arrest Record

    As the best Greenwich domestic violence criminal lawyers know, if you are given a ticket or arrested in Greenwich Connecticut for Disorderly Conduct, then your arrest report will show up on any criminal background check and will very likely be published on the internet. The top Stamford criminal lawyers are often asked how to remove your online arrest report off the internet once the case is dismissed or nolled. The answer is not so simple, but the task can be accomplished. Click here to learn more about getting your erased Connecticut arrest removed from the internet and online police blotter.

    Disorderly Conduct Arrests in Stamford Domestic Violence Cases

    Finally, Disorderly Conduct charges in Stamford, Greenwich and Darien domestic violence arrests are very common, as most domestic violence arrests involve this relatively minor charge. Even with this minor charge, a Greenwich or Stamford Disorderly Conduct domestic violence arrest requires you to appear in court the very next business day to appear in a restraining order hearing where a domestic violence judge will either order a Full No Contact Restraining Order, a Residential Stay-Away Restraining Order, or a Partial Protective Order. Some of these orders can keep you out of your own house, or prevent you from having contact with your husband, wife or children for months. That’s why it’s important for you to contact any of the best Stamford domestic violence criminal lawyers to fight your Stamford Connecticut 53a-182 Disorderly Conduct Arrest. What may seem like a minor incident can snowball into a year-long court process if not handled properly.

    Contact a Stamford Disorderly Conduct Criminal Attorney Today

    Whether you are facing a Stamford Disorderly Conduct arrest in connection with a domestic violence case, bar fight, or booze bender, you can contact a Stamford criminal lawyer at Mark Sherman Law today. Our rates are reasonable and we can be reached 24/7 at (203) 358-4700.