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What if Connecticut Police Show Up at My House with a Search Warrant for Child Pornography?

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As many of the best Connecticut child pornography criminal lawyers and attorneys know, a typical child pornography prosecution can start like this:

6 in the morning there’s a loud knock at your door.

At least 5-7 Connecticut police officers or FBI agents are at your front door with a search warrant signed by a Connecticut judge, authorizing these officers to enter your home and to seize and search all of your computers, iPads, iphones and other electronic devices. They can and will take everything they want (even your children’s electronics and hardware)—at their sole discretion—and will usually confine you to a room or allow you to leave after they search you.

This is the typical Possession of Child Pornography search warrant scenario in Connecticut, and top Connecticut child porn lawyers and attorneys are seeing enforcement dialed up as child porn sharing technology over the internet escalates.

So if you’re the target a Connecticut child pornography search warrant or investigation, keep reading to learn how to best protect yourself and your family.

Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent!

First off, take a good look at the search warrant. Make sure it is signed by a judge and is for your home address, and not for your neighbors. The police will let you examine the signed search warrant.

Then, and most importantly, do not say a single word about any of the accusations to any police officer or FBI agent on scene. They may demand identification (a passport or driver’s license) with which you typically should comply. But do not discuss anything else with the police, such as where you work, what information may be on your computers, tablet devices, or iPhones, or what websites you visit and download photos or videos from.

You will find that these officers will try to calm your nerves and downplay the severity of the search warrant process going on around you. Don’t be misled by their calm and friendly demeanor. Understand that police officers, especially search warrant teams, are highly trained in getting information out of you that will be helpful in their investigation and making an arrest. So do NOT share any information with police until you’ve had an opportunity to speak with a top Connecticut child pornography criminal lawyer.

Invoke Your Right to a Connecticut Child Pornography Criminal Lawyer

As soon as a police officer asks you or any family member of yours a question during the search warrant execution, tell them politely: “Officers, my family and I are invoking our right to remain silent and our right to an attorney at (specify the exact time). I’d like to speak with my attorney immediately. Please confirm that you will make a note of the date, time and substance of these requests in your report.”

Speaking the above, specific language to the police triggers and protects certain constitutional rights in Connecticut against illegal search and seizure and will be very helpful to your defense against a Stamford, Westport or Greenwich Connecticut arrest for Child Pornography Possession under C.G.S. § 53a-136.

And in the unlikely event that you are immediately arrested during the search warrant process, then you should follow this link to learn more about the most aggressive Connecticut child pornography defense strategies that are available to you and how to get started building your Connecticut child pornography possession defense.

Do Not Destroy Evidence or Cover Up Any Criminal Activity

Arrests in Greenwich, Westport and Stamford Connecticut for Possession of Child Pornography under C.G.S. § 53a-196 are often bolstered by suspects who are caught deleting information and data off their home and business laptops and cell phones after they believe they are being investigated. Not only is this illegal, but it’s sometimes evidence of “consciousness of guilt” which can be used against you in court.

The bottom line is that you should never destroy or tamper with any evidence during a Connecticut child pornography investigation. Contact a top Connecticut child pornography lawyer who can work with a digital forensic expert to examine your files and who can help determine whether you are breaking the law.

Contact a Connecticut Child Pornography Criminal Lawyer Today

If you are being investigated for a Connecticut child pornography arrest under CGS 53a-136, then reach out to the Mark Sherman Law Firm’s team of experienced child pornography lawyers. Since 2002, the Firm has aggressively defended some of the most serious child pornography charges in the State of Connecticut, both successfully and cost-effectively. Follow this link to see certified client reviews from our former child pornography clients and their families. Then contact one of our Connecticut criminal lawyers at (203) 358-4700 to set up a consultation.

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