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    How to Protect Your Rights During an Arrest

    How to Protect Your Rights During an Arrest

    Even if you are arrested, you still have rights. While in the heat of the moment, it can be easy to forget that, you must always keep a clear head and act properly in order to avoid further complications. Many people don’t understand that the way they act during an arrest can have a dramatic impact on their charges. You could say something that incriminates you further, and it can be used in court against you even though you were angry, scared, or upset. Additionally, police can add charges to you if you resist arrest, argue with them, or fight back.

    What should you do during an arrest? Begin by understanding how to protect your rights. When the police officer communicates to you that you are being arrested, he or she is legally required to recite your Miranda rights. For example, “you have the right to remain silent” is something you should take to heart. Don’t argue with the officer. Actually, it is best to say little or nothing. While you may not think your words are incriminating, you have no way of knowing how they could be used against you.

    Another of your rights is to an attorney. The moment you are taken into custody, you need to stop answering any questions. While it may be easy to think you can answer and show you aren’t guilty, you don’t know how the questions and answers could actually be used against you. The best thing to do is protect your rights and ask for a criminal attorney. If you do request legal representation, you can’t be questioned more until your attorney arrives.

    The law offices of Mark Sherman offer a dedicated team ready to help you during your arrest. As a criminal attorney in Connecticut, we can help you protect your rights by keeping your best interest in mind at all times.