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    Protecting Your Assets after a Connecticut Domestic Violence Arrest

    Protecting Your Assets after a Connecticut Domestic Violence Arrest

    After a DV arrest in Connecticut, people immediately start thinking about divorce, custody and asset protection.

    Specifically, a first-time / first offender domestic arrest in Greenwich, Darien or Westport Connecticut can have you—as either the victim or arrestee—asking these difficult, big picture questions: Do I want to stay in this marriage? How can I protect myself? Is my spouse cheating on me? Do I need a safety plan? And how can I protect my assets after a Connecticut domestic violence arrest when my husband or wife controls all the family money, properties and bank accounts?

    All valid questions that need to be investigated immediately.

    Don’t Be Naïve – Get Informed About Asset Protection Following a Connecticut Domestic Violence Arrest

    As any of the best domestic violence criminal lawyers in Greenwich and New Canaan Connecticut know, your first thoughts after being involved in a Connecticut domestic violence arrest is about divorce, custody, and the distribution of wealth. Some top Greenwich and Westport Connecticut divorce lawyers and attorneys even see husbands move assets and drain bank accounts following their arrest for domestic violence (but before divorce papers are filed), especially when a husband catches a wife cheating on them.

    Draining bank accounts and transferring assets held in joint bank accounts can be illegal in certain circumstances. That’s why it’s critical for anyone involved in a Connecticut domestic violence arrest case to—at the very least—get informed about their rights.

    Talk to a top Connecticut criminal lawyer, as well as any of the best Greenwich Connecticut divorce and family lawyers attorneys, who can also bring in a top Greenwich Connecticut financial advisor who they trust and have worked with for years to help you understand how to protect your assets and financial security.

    Connecticut Court-Appointed Victim Advocates Advise on Safety, Not Financial Security

    It’s true that as soon as there is a Connecticut domestic violence arrest, court-appointed (and free-of-charge) domestic violence victim advocates from the Greenwich YWCA and the Domestic Violence Crisis Centers in Stamford and Norwalk immediately mobilize and contact you to make sure you are safe and have a safety plan in place in case there is more domestic violence.

    But these victim advocates are not trained in advising you on how to protect your assets, properties and money. Without the security of having money or credit cards at your fingertips, you can find yourself victimized emotionally and financially, which can be as challenging as verbal abuse.

    Who Can Advise Me on Asset Protection after a Domestic Violence Arrest?

    Not every financial advisor appreciates the interplay among divorce law, criminal law, and legally permissible asset protection. It’s a very fine—but critical—line to tow.

    So speak to any of the best Greenwich, Stamford and Westport financial advisors who can advise you of warning signs and pre-emptive strikes you can make to further protect you and your children. You can follow this link to contact the Fiorentino Group at UBS, which has developed aggressive asset protection strategies. This Group continues to offer innovative and cost-effective asset protection plans for people going through contested Connecticut divorces, as well as sensitive domestic violence cases.

    Aggressive Asset Protection for Families Involved in Connecticut Domestic Violence Cases

    So if you’ve been arrested for domestic violence in Greenwich, Westport or anywhere in Connecticut, or are a victim of domestic violence in Connecticut, contact the Mark Sherman Law Firm today to start getting in front of critical issues such as asset protection, custody, and onerous restraining orders that are intended to alienate you from your children and all of the wealth that you’ve spent years accumulating with your spouse. Click here to read certified reviews from our prior Connecticut domestic violence clients. Then call us today for a consultation.