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    Suing Casino Charter Bus Companies for Connecticut I-95 Bus Crashes

    Suing Casino Charter Bus Companies for Connecticut I-95 Bus Crashes

    Last week’s Mohegan Sun Dahlia bus crash accident on I-95 North in Madison Connecticut reminded many of the top personal injury law firms in Connecticut that the Connecticut casino bus industry business is still riddled with transportation problems like sub-par safety protocols, safe driving and nasty accidents up and down Connecticut’s I-95 corridor. So if you have been injured in a Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun bus crash accident, then you should consider contacting a top Connecticut personal injury lawyer attorney to recover money damages for your injuries, pain, suffering and emotional distress. Without accountability in the form of substantial six and seven figure settlements attained by the best Connecticut bus crash personal injury law firms, then some of these fly-by-night casino bus companies will never make any meaningful changes to their safety protocols.

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    Should I Sue the Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun Casino Charter Bus Company in Connecticut?

    Many New Yorkers, as well as casino players from New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania, take these charter bus rides to the Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods casinos. These bus passengers are a substantial source of revenue for these casinos, and because of this, the price for these rides are often extremely cheap (sometimes even below $10 round trip). But ask any of the best personal injury lawyers and attorneys in Connecticut who litigate bus crash and auto accident cases…often even a cursory investigation by top Connecticut personal injury bus crash lawyers reveals poor training of drivers, inadequate background checks of the drivers, and inadequate maintenance and inspections of buses and equipment. Any one of these mistakes or problems can serve as grounds for a multi-million dollar civil lawsuit by the best Connecticut personal injury attorneys and lawyers against the bus companies, and maybe even the casino itself.

    And if the accident happened on Interstate 95, as last week’s Dahlia bus crash rollover did, then passengers who were injured are absolutely entitled to pursue big-money compensation for their injuries, medical bills, pain, suffering and emotional damages in a Connecticut state or federal court. In fact, even if you live in New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania, Connecticut courts may still be the most appropriate legal venue, as Connecticut laws and juries would likely have the most empathy toward out-of-staters who are traveling from hundreds of miles away to support these Connecticut casinos. As the top Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Connecticut personal injury lawyers frequently demand in their lawsuits, these out-of-state bus companies must be vigilant in complying with state and federal bus safety regulations.

    How Much Will a Top Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyer Cost to Represent Me in a Casino Bus Accident?

    If you are the victim of a Connecticut I-95 casino bus or car accident, then you usually will not have to pay any up-front fees or costs to hire a top Connecticut personal injury law firm to represent you. You see, these law firms usually work on “contingency,” meaning the best Connecticut bus crash lawyers and attorneys only get paid if you get paid. Top Connecticut personal injury lawyers take a percentage of your settlement or jury or arbitration award. Usually it’s somewhere between 25% and 40%, depending on the complexity of your case and what you and your top Connecticut car accident lawyer agree upon. And no matter what percentage you agree to with your lawyer, it is you—the client—who is the ultimate decision-maker as to whether you will decide to accept a settlement or reject it and take your chances with a judge or jury trial. In other words, the final settlement amount is your decision and yours alone, regardless of what your top Connecticut car accident law firm advises you to do.

    Contact a Connecticut Casino Bus Personal Injury Attorney at Mark Sherman Law Today

    So if you have been injured in a Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods bus accident, or any car accident, on I-95, or are looking to hire a Connecticut car accident personal injury lawyer, then contact the team of personal injury lawyers at Mark Sherman Law today. We understand that many New Yorkers and other out-of-state casino visitors may not be familiar with the Connecticut court process or even know a Connecticut personal injury law fir. However, the Mark Sherman Law Firm will sit with you and your family to provide you with all the information you need to get started in collecting a fair and substantial amount of money for your pain and suffering. So call us today at (203) 358-4700. We are available 24/7 to take your call.