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    In the Summer of 2011, Connecticut “decriminalized” the possession of marijuana, no longer making it a crime to possess less than a 1Ž2 ounce of the substance. Is it legalized now? Not quite. Public Act Section 11-71 says if you’re caught possessing less than 1Ž2 an ounce, then you are still subject to a small fine and a permanent record ofhaving an “infraction” (again, not a crime) on your record.

    But what about the people who have criminal records for possessing marijuana who were convicted and pled out prior to the enactment of the new law? Do they get the benefit of the new law? The answer is yes, but only for those people who had less than .5 ounces in their possession when they are arrested.

    If you’re one of those individuals who qualify to have their prior marijuana possession charges erased and expunged, The Law Offices of Mark Sherman can help you do it. Please call us today to discuss getting the process started. If you are eligible, we can have your prior marijuana possession misdemeanor conviction expunged and erased within weeks.

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