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    Victims of Connecticut Drunk Driving DUI / DWI Arrests Should Know Their Rights

    Getting hit or injured by a Connecticut drunk driver arrested for DUI / DWI in Stamford, Greenwich, Darien or anywhere in Connecticut is not only scary, but can also be life-changing, especially if you are injured or emotionally scarred by the crash. The Connecticut court system offers you many resources, but with so many moving parts going on after being injured in a Connecticut DUI / DWI arrest or crash, it is difficult to keep up with your medical treatments, counseling sessions, insurance company correspondence and the criminal court process. That’s why some of the best Stamford and Greenwich Connecticut personal injury law firms offer DUI / DWI victim representation lawyers and attorneys who can not only advocate for you in criminal court, but also pursue civil lawsuit money damages for pain, suffering and lost profits at work. So if you are a victim of a Connecticut DUI / DWI arrest and have been injured, keep reading to understand all of your rights.

    Accountability for the Connecticut drunk driver who injured you starts here…

    DUI / DWI Victim Rights in the Connecticut Criminal Court System

    The best Connecticut DUI / DWI drunk driving personal injury lawyers and attorneys appreciate that when you are injured in a Connecticut drunk driving DUI / DWI car crash, you have rights as a Connecticut DUI / DWI victim in both the criminal court and civil court systems. In the Connecticut criminal court system, victim’s have specific statutory rights, including the right to be treated with respect, the right to be kept informed during all stages of the criminal proceedings, and the right to be heard by the judge and prosecutor during the pendency of the case, especially at trial or sentencing. Many victims who have been injured in a Connecticut DUI / DWI / drunk driving accident or crash are often intimidated by the criminal process. That’s why they sometimes hire a top Connecticut personal injury victim representation lawyer to speak up for them during the DUI / DWI case. Your top Stamford or Greenwich Connecticut DUI / DWI victim lawyer has the right to meet with the prosecutor and judge, and even participate in back-room pre-trial negotiations and discussions regarding the case, something you cannot do if you were to represent yourself without a lawyer.

    Getting Money Damages for Your Injuries in the Criminal Case

    More importantly, your top Connecticut DUI / DWI victim lawyer can gracefully demand money damages, specifically out-of-pocket restitution from the defendant and their DUI / DWI criminal lawyer, which is permitted in criminal court under certain circumstances. Many of the best Connecticut DUI / DWI criminal lawyers sometimes try to spin your restitution demand as extortion or blackmail, but that is usually just defense attorney rhetoric meant to intimidate victims to stand down in supporting the prosecution of criminal cases. While a court-appointed Victim Advocate can stand in for you, they often do not have law degrees, and are sometimes uncomfortable demanding and negotiating money payments for restitution. So consider hiring a top Connecticut personal injury victim lawyer attorney to fight for your rights as a victim of a devastating Connecticut DUI / DWI car accident where there is serious physical injury, death, or property damage.

    Can Connecticut DUI / DWI Victims Sue the Drunk Driver & their Homeowners Insurance Carrier for Millions?

    Possibly. A civil lawsuit against a Connecticut drunk driver who has been arrested in Connecticut for DUI / DWI frequently goes hand-in-hand with a criminal prosecution. You see, not only does the Connecticut drunk driver have hundreds of thousands of dollars in auto insurance to cover your injuries, but they can also have a homeowners insurance policy, and even an excess liability insurance policy, called an “umbrella” liability police that can be tapped into if your injuries in a Connecticut DUI / DWI / drunk driving accident or crash exceeds the limits of the auto insurance and homeowners insurance policies. To be clear: that’s what these policies are for—recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions of dollars) in money damages in Connecticut for serious physical injury, death, disfigurement, paralysis, and emotional pain and suffering. Civil lawsuits against drunk drivers can often feel like criminal trials—that’s why it may make sense to hire a top Connecticut personal injury law firm which has experience with Connecticut criminal law and drunk driving / DUI / DWI arrests. Don’t let the insurance companies bully you into taking a low settlement—stand up for your rights and let the best Connecticut DUI / DWI drunk driving victim law firms get you as much money as possible in a civil proceeding, while protecting your rights as a victim in the criminal courts.

    Preserve Your Rights & Call a Connecticut DUI / DWI / Drunk Driving Victim Lawyer Immediately

    So if you have been injured in a DUI / DWI drunk driving crash or accident in Stamford, Greenwich or Fairfield County Connecticut, then contact one of the Connecticut DUI / DWI drunk driving victim lawyers attorneys at Mark Sherman Law today. We can advocate for you aggressively in both the Connecticut criminal and civil courts, with goal of getting you justice and accountability in the criminal system, and recovering an appropriate amount of money damages and restitution for you in the civil court system. Having experience as both criminal defense lawyers and civil personal injury lawyers, our understanding of the interplay between the two court systems is unique and critical to getting you the most money for your injuries, pain, suffering and trauma. We have been recognized by Super Lawyers Magazine and Connecticut Magazine as some of the top litigators in the State of Connecticut. So call us today at (203) 358-4700 to let us start helping you as a victim of a Connecticut DUI / DWI drunk driving arrest.

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