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    Vital Information about Juvenile court

    Vital Information about Juvenile court

    If your teen has been arrested, there are some important things you should understand about Connecticut Juvenile Court. The rules and proceedings of Connecticut Juvenile Court are slightly different than those for adults, and it’s important you and your teenager know what to expect.

    Connecticut Juvenile Court is used to prosecute children under the age of 18. Traffic violations for 16 year olds and cases involving 17 year olds are prosecuted in adult court. There are no juries in Juvenile Court proceedings. A judge hears all cases. There is also no requirement for bail. Your child could be held in a detention center while the case is pending if the judge decides such detention is needed or beneficial.

    Juvenile court proceedings are sealed. This means access to them is limited. The victims in your case will be told what is happening with the case and trial and Juvenile convictions, though sealed, can negatively impact your child’s educational opportunities in the future.

    At the Law Offices of Mark Sherman, we understand Juvenile Court. We know that while the laws are the same as adult court, the penalties are often different. If you child is facing charges in Stamford or Bridgeport Connecticut Juvenile Court, then it’s important you contact us as quickly as possible. Your child needs a compassionate defense attorney who is dedicated to protecting their rights and achieving the best possible outcome.

    If your teen is in trouble, then the Law Offices of Mark Sherman is here to help you. Contact us quickly for d sound advice regardless of the situation. As experienced defense attorneys we will with you and offer assistance in any way we can.