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    What Does A Defense Attorney Do Before My Trial?

    What Does A Defense Attorney Do Before My Trial?

    A criminal defense attorney is dedicated to helping clients throughout the entire criminal justice process. It’s important you contact a defense attorney early in the process. As soon as you realize you are being investigated regarding a crime, you should contact your attorney.

    The Law Offices of Mark Sherman offers a team of experienced defense attorneys ready to assist you and defend your rights. Contact us as soon as you find out you are being investigated or have reason to believe you may be arrested. Prior to your trial, we can help you every step of the way.

    • During the Investigation: It’s never a good idea to speak with investigators without your attorney present. We will help you protect your rights by making sure you don’t share information that might incriminate you. We will also make sure the police follow all required procedures and treat you fairly under the law.
    • After Arrest: We will review all the information used by police to justify your arrest. The police must have sufficient evidence and probable cause to arrest you. Sometimes their evidence does not meet this standard. Occasionally an improper procedure has been used to gather evidence. In these cases we will argue for your rights. We may even be able to have the charges against you dropped prior to trial.

    If you are arrested in Stamford, Greenwich or Norwalk Connecticut, or have reason to believe you may soon be charged with a crime, then contact the Law Offices of Mark Sherman immediately. We will help you through the entire process and work to protect your rights. We will work to achieve the best result possible for your case.