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    Will Age Restrictions Curb Alive at Five Arrests in Stamford Connecticut?

    Will Age Restrictions Curb Alive at Five Arrests in Stamford Connecticut?

    For homegrown Stamford Connecticut residents like myself, we were thrilled with the Alive at Five concert series that started about a decade ago and brought people to Stamford downtown to see their favorite 90s band. A few bumps in the road notwithstanding, it has been a smashing success. (Especially if you like the Beach Boys who seem to keep finding their way back to Stamford…). But in recent years, teenagers have spoiled the party, over-indulging in alcohol, marijuana and picking a fight here or there.

    As a result, the City of Stamford huddled up and decided to raise the age of entrance to 21. But will the new age restrictions really cut down arrests? And won’t we still need a drunk tank for twenty-somethings (and their elders) who have had too much to drink? It’s unclear, but what we can help with is protecting yourself from a Stamford Alive at Five arrest and trying to get your court case dismissed as quickly as possible.

    Disorderly Conduct & Interfering with Police Arrests at Stamford Alive at Five Concerts

    Ask any of the best criminal lawyers and attorneys in Stamford Connecticut—the easiest arrests for Stamford Police to make at Alive at Five or at the Stamford bars are for Disorderly Conduct under CGS 53a-182, Breach of Peace in the Second Degree under CGS 53a-181, and Interference with Police under CGS 53a-167a. To get arrested in Stamford Connecticut for Disorderly Conduct or Breach of Peace, all police need to do is accuse you of causing annoyance, alarm or some sort of public disturbance to another individual, or even to the general public.

    The top Stamford Connecticut criminal law firms who deal with Alive at Five arrests know that the reality is that Stamford police don’t want to go through the hassle of arresting you and doing all the paperwork, and would much rather just give you a verbal warning to calm down. But we all know that sometimes alcohol, marijuana and adrenaline during a heated argument (especially in 90 degree weather) can get people amped up and cause them to act irrationally or get a bit over-excited. Try to stay calm, be respectful and let the police do their job. Understand that 25-50 officers are trying to manage and control thousands of concertgoers.

    Be Warned—Interference with Police Arrests in Stamford are Completely Subjective & Discretionary

    Perhaps one the most frustrating challenges for the best Stamford Connecticut criminal lawyers who regularly fight Stamford Connecticut arrests for Interference with a Police Officer / Resisting Arrest under CGS 53a-167a is how subjective Stamford Police are permitted to apply the law. If you give police the stink-eye or not comply with their command to step back, you can get arrested for Interference in Stamford, Greenwich, or anywhere else in Connecticut. This law prohibits obstructing, resisting, hindering or endangering any police officer in the performance of their official duties.

    Hindering? Obstructing? What does that mean anyway? It’s an ambiguously broad law that is applied liberally and with wide latitude and discretion by Stamford Connecticut police officers, especially during the busy and sometimes chaotic Alive at Five summer concerts and the bar nights and bar parties that follow the event. So if you’ve been arrested at Alive at Five in Stamford for Interference with Police, be sure to contact a top Stamford Connecticut criminal law firm who will immediately file motions to preserve police body cam evidence, and bar and nightclub surveillance camera evidence. Put the police to their burden of proof. The cameras just may tell a different story, oftentimes in favor of the person who was wrongfully arrested in Stamford for Interference with Police, Resisting Arrest, Breach of Peace, or Disorderly Conduct.

    Contact a Stamford Criminal Lawyer for Your Alive at Five Arrest Today

    Don’t let the Stamford Police ruin your Alive at Five night out. Stay calm. Be respectful. Ask to speak with a lawyer, and contact the Mark Sherman Law Firm at (203) 358-4700 to get help in fighting your Stamford Connecticut Alive at Five arrest.