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    Workplace Discrimination Can Not Be Tolerated

    Workplace Discrimination Can Not Be Tolerated

    All too often, workplace discrimination goes unreported. People who are discriminated against in Stamford or Greenwich, Connecticut may feel they can’t prove their case, so they continue to quietly put up with the uncomfortable situation. However, any case of real discrimination is illegal in the state. If you know someone who is being mistreated in the workplace, then you should encourage them to get legal advice.

    The person you know doesn’t have to wait until they are fired out of discriminatory reasons. They can consult an experienced Connecticut attorney and get help now. The problem is that discrimination laws can be confusing and very complex. It is very hard to prove a real case. That doesn’t mean anyone should continue to put up with discrimination however.

    In truth, it takes an experienced and competent attorney to win a discrimination case since there is often very little evidence to support the claim. An experienced Connecticut attorney will understand the complexities of discrimination laws and will be aware of deadlines to file a complaint.

    Suggest to the person you know that they contact the law offices of Mark Sherman. In Connecticut, we can provide you with real legal advice on your possible case. We will listen to the whole situation and give our opinions on whether or not there is a valid case to be filed. If there is cause for legal action, we will take that action quickly. Your friend, coworker, or family member doesn’t need to wait because there are specific time limitations on filing a discrimination complaint. When they contact us, we will do everything we can to build a strong case and give anyone their best chance in court to win.

    Discrimination is never acceptable, and if you know someone who is being discriminated against, encourage them to make the call today.