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    Darien Evading Responsibility Lawyer

    Leaving the scene of an accident, also called hit and run, can be a misdemeanor or felony in Darien. An arrest for evading responsibility can also cause major problems with your background checks and online reputation. Therefore, if you are facing charges for evading responsibility, then you should contact a Darien evading responsibility lawyer to help you seek the best possible outcome based on the circumstances of your case. Work with an experienced hit and run attorney that could work towards a positive outcome for you.

    What is Evading Responsibility?

    Most people have been involved with a traffic accident at some point in their life. Typically when this happens, the parties involved pull their vehicles over to the side of the road or highway in order to inspect the damage and exchange contact and insurance information.

    As any Darien evading responsibility lawyer can explain, you must stop your vehicle after an accident and offer certain information and assistance to the other driver. If a driver leaves the scene of an accident, they could face charges of evading responsibility, more commonly referred to as hit and run.

    Evading Responsibility Arrests

    Evading responsibility laws in Connecticut are codified in Connecticut General Statutes 14-224. This law makes it a crime to flee the scene of an accident.

    According to CGS 14-224, a driver involved in a collision must stop immediately and provide certain statutorily defined information to all other drivers affected by the accident, to a witness, or to an officer of the law.

    This information includes the following:

    • Name of the person operating the vehicle at the time of the accident
    • Home Address of the person operating the vehicle
    • Driver’s license number of the vehicle operator
    • Vehicle registration number

    Is Evading Responsibility a Jailable Offense?

    Individuals can be jailed for evading responsibility following a collision. The severity of punishment stemming from such charge depends on the amount of damage or personal injury caused by a given accident. If the accident resulted in serious injury or death, for example, the arrested driver can receive a minimum sentence of one-year imprisonment. If no injury occurs, then you may not have to serve any jail time. The maximum penalty for evading responsibility/hit and run which causes property damage and there is no serious injury stemming from the accident is one year in jail.

    There are instances where a driver may be unable to comply with Connecticut Evading Responsibility Laws CGS 14-224 due to dangerous weather conditions or safety concerns. If this is the case, the law allows a driver to report these details, along with the location and a description of the accident to an officer or state trooper immediately afterward.

    How a Darien Evading Responsibility Attorney Can Help

    Being involved in an automobile accident is frightening, and sometimes we may not know exactly what to do following a collision. Connecticut hit and run laws require that a motorist provide assistance and contact information following a traffic incident. Penalties for failing in this obligation can range from minor to quite severe depending on the damage caused by the accident.

    So if you are facing charges for evading responsibility, do not hesitate to call a Darien evading responsibility lawyer today. An attorney can explain the circumstances in a way that can help you receive the best outcome for your case. Contact a lawyer to learn more.