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    Fairfield Police Investigations Lawyer

    If you believe you are under investigation for a crime, it is wise to be prepared.

    A Fairfield police investigation lawyer could provide advice and representation to protect your rights and help minimize the potential for negative consequences.

    What are my Rights During a Police Investigation in CT?

    The U.S. Constitution, the Connecticut state constitution, and the laws of Connecticut provide certain rights to those accused of committing crimes. Many people are familiar with the concept that a court is expected to view them as innocent until proven guilty, and they know that the prosecution must show their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This means the government must prove every element of a criminal offense. In many cases, a Fairfield police investigations lawyer can locate evidence to refute police assertions regarding one or more elements of a crime.

    Other rights of those accused include the right to:

    • Confront witnesses under the 6th Amendment to the United States Constitution
    • Avoid self-incrimination (remain silent) under the 5th Amendment to the United States Constitution
    • Have a speedy public trial in front of a jury under the 6th Amendment to the United States Constitution
    • Be represented by a competent attorney under the 6th Amendment to the United States Constitution
    • Not be tried twice for the same offense under the 5th Amendment to the United States Constitution

    In many police investigations, the right that is most often at risk is the right to remain silent. An individual accused may inadvertently forfeit that right and make statements that can be used against them. Working closely with an experienced attorney during an investigation can prevent these types of missteps.

    What is the Purpose of a Fairfield Police Investigation?

    A police investigation is a search for evidence. Police will be looking for physical evidence and witness statements to prove that the person under investigation committed each element of the crime at issue. While a criminal defense attorney can argue that the prosecution failed to present sufficient evidence, it is generally more effective if the defense can present evidence to contradict the assertions of the law enforcement officials before an arrest and before the judicial system gets involved. Accordingly, it is wise to begin looking for evidence as soon as possible to build a strong defense.

    A Fairfield police investigation lawyer could begin collecting and preserving evidence right away for use in pre-trial negotiations and in court. As time passes, witnesses become harder to locate and their memories are less reliable. The physical details of a scene will also change, and video footage may be erased. Acting quickly could preserve this valuable evidence.

    Consult a Dedicated Fairfield Police Investigation Attorney

    Police and lawyers understand how investigations work, but chances are, most people under investigation lack the same experience. That is why it is a good idea to contact a skilled Fairfield police investigation lawyer to help level the playing field.

    Advice and assistance from an experienced legal advocate could make a tremendous difference, helping you take advantage of all available opportunities and defense strategies while avoiding common pitfalls. To learn how a dedicated defense attorney could help in your case, call Mark Sherman Law.