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    Greenwich Juvenile Defense Lawyer

    Upon being arrested, juveniles in Greenwich are taken to the Greenwich police station to be booked, fingerprinted, and photographed. At this point, if the scenario calls for follow-up, individuals are often given a juvenile’s summons and complaint ticket before being released to a parent or guardian with the order to report to the Juvenile Matters Division on the fifth floor of the Stamford Superior Court for their arraignment. Once parents and guardians have been alerted to the situation, the best decision is to call a Greenwich juvenile defense attorney before their child makes any statements to the police.

    Steps to Take After Being Arrested

    When a juvenile is arrested in Greenwich, they should contact any of the best Greenwich criminal lawyers as soon as possible. As would be advised to an adult, the juvenile should not disclose any details about the events leading to the arrest with the police until they have had a chance to speak with an attorney.

    It may very well be helpful for a juvenile to fully cooperate with the police and tell the truth to the degree they are capable, however, the arrested individual should not do that until they have spoken with a prepared Greenwich juvenile lawyer. In many of these arrest situations, the police can usually wait a few hours or even a few days before a juvenile cooperates or discusses their case with the authorities.

    Defending Greenwich Juvenile Arrest Charges

    The Connecticut juvenile court system is not built to punish minors, and any of the best Greenwich juvenile attorneys will work to frame the case as a teaching moment rather than a punitive or simply punishing moment for the juvenile. Lawyers work to negotiate and re-tell the narrative of a juvenile case so that it can be understood as an educational process as opposed to a punitive one.

    One example of a viable defense for Greenwich juveniles is self-defense, especially when a person is facing bullying, fighting, or assault charges in Greenwich. In many cases, a juvenile might be sticking up for themselves, or sticking up for another person when they are arrested. A self-defense strategy is very strong in Greenwich bullying cases, and the parents or guardians of an arrested juvenile should be sure to explore all avenues of defense when fighting a juvenile criminal charge.

    Defense Strategies

    One emerging defense strategy in Greenwich juvenile arrests is to immediately file motions to preserve digital, electronic, and social media evidence. Today, the juvenile demographic is likely the most proficient and experienced in social media, electronic, and digital communications, and an experienced Greenwich juvenile defense attorney knows to immediately take action when there is digital evidence that vindicates their client and proves their innocence.

    An attorney is able to file motions with the court to subpoena and seize social media evidence from Facebook and Instagram, as well as from phone companies for text messages and electronic communications that prove their client’s innocence. This is especially significant in cases that involve relationships, bullying, and cyberbullying, among other juvenile crimes. Obtaining access to this kind of evidence is one of the great advantages of retaining the services of a Greenwich juvenile lawyer.

    When an attorney is able to get their client’s Greenwich juvenile crime case dismissed, they can motion to file petitions for erasure of any Stamford juvenile court records. When this is successful, the records can never be searched, requested by subpoena, or ever be made available. Greenwich juvenile defense attorneys will do everything possible to get their clients’ juvenile court records destroyed quickly.