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    Greenwich Hit and Run Charge Classification

    One of the main reasons that people evade the scene of an accident is because they are afraid of confronting the police because they know they have done something wrong. Greenwich hit and run  charge classification often depends on a variety of factors, and a knowledgeable attorney can help you better understand those factors. That is why, if you have been charged with hit and run, you should consult an attorney that could advocate for you.

    Different Ways to Get Charged With a Hit and Run

    Someone could be charged with hit and run for hitting a person, another car, or a piece of property that the person knows that they have hit another person, car, or another piece of property and after having known that they were involved in an accident and having an opportunity to stop and render any appropriate assistance or provide the information, that person leaves, continues driving or otherwise goes on foot.

    Another way that it could happen is, a lot of times, a car after an accident is incapable of moving, however, the operator removes himself from the car and runs away. Driving away is not the only way someone can evade a scene. They could also run away, leaving the motor vehicle, and abandoning the scene on foot.

    Another reason that someone might flee a scene is that there could be a situation where a person cannot reasonably stop because of the circumstances, there is just too heavy traffic. There is no shoulder to stop it without putting the person in danger, the person is entitled to remove themselves from the particular situation and get to a place of safety.

    But as soon as practically possible, that person is required to inform the authorities of the accident and if they fail to do that, then they would be committing the crime of evading as well.

    Is Hit and Run a Separate Charge?

    When discussing Greenwich a hit and run charge classification, it is important to realize that hit and run is a separate charge. It is, in many instances, charged alone, but most of the time, it is charged with some other traffic infraction, like a traffic ticket based on the reason that led to the accident in the first place. So if the reason that the accident occurred was that the person was traveling too fast, they may also be given a ticket for traveling unreasonably fast.

    If the reason for the accident was that the person was following too closely, then that person may also be charged with an infraction and this is just an infraction, a traffic ticket, not a crime, but the infraction of following too closely.The other instance that tends to happen probably more often in terms of an actual crime that is charged with evading responsibility as opposed to just a traffic ticket is driving under the influence.

    Hit and Run as Felony or a Misdemeanor in Greenwich

    Greenwich evading responsibility charge classification depends on the type of damage that is caused by the particular accident. If there is just damage to property, no physical injury to a person, then it is a class A misdemeanor.

    If there is any physical injury of any amount to a person in addition to property damage or if there is physical injury to any person whether it is in addition to the property damage or not, then it becomes a class D felony.

    If there is a serious physical injury caused to another person that was involved in the accident, then it becomes a class B felony and if the other person involved in the accident dies as a result of the accident, then it becomes also a class B felony.

    Steps to Take Following a Charge

    The person being charged with any crime needs to make sure not to commit any other crimes while the charges are pending. They should also make sure that they continue being productive, working, and staying out of trouble. Also, anything that the person can do to help with rehabilitation efforts or help make sure that the damage is paid for is appreciated as well. A court and a prosecutor are going to be concerned with the third person that was involved in the accident and making sure the other person is being compensated for any damage that was caused.

    Value of a Greenwich Hit and Run Lawyer

    If you have been charged with evading responsibility, you should contact an attorney as quickly as possible. Avoid speaking about the incident or interact or answer any questions from the police or interact with the person involved in the incident.

    By getting a lawyer involved, you can direct all individuals to your attorney, so that you can avoid making incriminating statements. Your lawyer could explain Greenwich evading responsibility charge classification, and defend you against the charges you face.