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    Consequences Following a Greenwich Evading Responsibility Charge 

    Following a car accident, it makes sense to panic, however, that panic can lead to some bad decisions. For example, people may think that leaving the scene of the accident will help them avoid trouble. In actuality, doing so could lead to more trouble. Consequences following a Greenwich evading responsibility charge are quite serious.

    When a person pleads guilty or is found guilty of evading responsibility or hit and run in Greenwich, the Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”) will send them a letter. They could face a 90-day license suspension during which time they will not be able to drive at all. Evading responsibility charges can be difficult to navigate alone, which is why it is important to seek the services of an experienced evading responsibility lawyer. A capable attorney could attempt to mitigate these consequences and achieve a positive outcome for you.

    Losing a License After an Evading Responsibility Conviction

    Consequences following a Greenwich evading responsibility charge and conviction include loss of a license for a period of time. Unfortunately, it is non-negotiable and cannot be worked out so that an individual does not lose their license as part of the plea deal. The reason for that is because the Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”) works separately from the court system. Once the DMV receives a conviction for evading responsibility from the court, the suspension is automatic from there.

    Applying for a License Following License Termination

    Once the automatic, non-reversible driver’s license suspension period due to a conviction for evading responsibility is up, an individual can apply to the Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”) to restore their driver’s license. The application should be granted as long as there are no other outstanding issues with the person’s license.

    There is a waiting period for reapplying for an individual’s driver’s license, so if the evading responsibility conviction is the only thing that is causing a suspension, then they are not going to be able to get their license back for a period of 90 days. Within that 90 day period they can actually fill out an application for restoration and pay the restoration fee of $175 and once that 90 day period is up, their driver’s license will be restored and in good standing.

    Process of Applying for License Reinstatement

    The process for applying for driver’s license reinstatement after an evading responsibility conviction would be to make sure they have the Restoration Letter from the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”) before they start driving again. Individuals need to make sure they are not driving without their driver’s license properly restored or that can be another charge.

    Single Vehicle Accidents

    Under Greenwich law, only one vehicle needs to be present for an evading responsibility or a hit and run to occur. If the person hits any kind of property, somebody’s tree, a post on the side of a road, a guardrail, and does not stop and report the accident, they could still be charged with evading responsibility.

    A single-vehicle accident could be and is often considered, an evading responsibility charge if there was damage to any property, even if it is not a car, a person could be still be charged with evading responsibility and face consequences following a Greenwich evading responsibility charge, including an arrest.

    Common Examples of Single Vehicle Accidents That May Result in a Charge

    Evading responsibility charges could be as common as someone hitting a guardrail or a light post on someone else’s property, or hitting someone’s personal property like a tree, a garden, or a fence on their property if they drive away without calling in the accident.

    Can a Driver Be Arrested for Evading Responsibility Even if They Did Not Drive?

    If a person has a car registered and insured in their name with the DMV (“Department of Motor Vehicles”), someone else is driving it, and an incident is reported by calling in the license plate number and description of the vehicle they could still end up facing consequences following a Greenwich evading responsibility charge. It is possible that the police will show up at the registered owner’s door and if they are not able to find the true driver, they might arrest the person who the car is registered to unless and until they could find the person who was actually driving the car. If an individual wants to know more about hit and run arrests, they should speak with a qualified attorney that could answer their questions.