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    When a Civil Claim Becomes a Stamford DUI Investigation

    Car accident claims fall into the category of civil law for the most part. However, if one of the drivers was driving while impaired and then got in an accident, they could also face criminal charges.

    When there is a crash, the police are called and respond to the scene of the accident. The police investigate what has occurred, interview witnesses, and if they get a sense that the driver was driving under the influence, that they were not hurt and able to perform field sobriety tests, then the officers will have the driver perform a field sobriety test based on this information. This is when a civil claim becomes a Stamford DUI investigation. If you have been charged with a DUI following a car accident, consult an experienced DUI attorney that could advocate for you.

    Sobriety Tests in Car Accidents

    When a civil claim becomes a Stamford DUI investigation, law enforcement may have to conduct sobriety tests to gauge whether someone is impaired or not. If an individual is injured in an accident, but refuses medical attention and insists that they are able to take a field sobriety test, the police will administer the three standard field sobriety tests which are the horizontal nystagmus, the one-legged stand, and the walk-and-turn.

    If an individual is injured to the extent that they do not have mobility, an officer has the option of using a portable breathalyzer test. This is very rarely exercised, but some departments can use it. If the person is transported to the hospital, the officer can apply for a search warrant and get the results of their blood alcohol content and that will let them know if the person was under the influence.

    Aspects of a Criminal Case That Can Be Used in a Civil Case

    Any statements that are made to the police by witnesses or by the defendant can be used in a civil case, as well as the police reports and the crash reports when a civil claim becomes a Stamford DUI investigation. The police may also try to recreate the accident by drawing a diagram that is submitted to the criminal court. The most important thing is any statement that is made. If the individual admits that they were at fault when the police show up at the scene, that can be used against them in a civil case.

    Steps to Take in the Event That a Civil Claim is Filed

    When a civil claim becomes a Stamford DUI investigation it is important to contact a DUI attorney. Your lawyer could ensure that you do not make incriminating statements that could hurt your civil case. The attorney could also attempt to secure you a deal where you plead nolo contendere or no contest, to your DUI so that it cannot be used against you if you plead guilty in your civil case. If you are going to make a statement, the defense attorney can make sure to avoid any admissions of guilt about who was at fault for the accident. Contact a qualified lawyer that could advocate for you.