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    L.M., Stamford, CT

    “I am very grateful that you personally handled my traffic ticket case and I am thrilled that you were able to get the ticket thrown out without going to trial. Simone’s telephone call this morning from the courthouse was the best news that I have had in a long while, and it certainly takes a big load off my mind. Your court victory gives me a second chance to very carefully adhere to all traffic laws and to avoid, even the appearance, of driving less than very safely. Mark, after I originally searched the internet for a possible law firm for my case, I told my wife that your firm was the only real choice for me based on your legal experience and the positive online ratings and comments about your firm for dedication and integrity, which you and Simone have clearly demonstrated. Also, the discussion of traffic violations on your website revealed to me that you had a keen interest in handling traffic cases, even among the many specialties that you cover. If any of my friends and associates in CT and NY need legal assistance, I will certainly pass your law firm’s name along to them. Thanks again!”