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    Westport Sugar Daddy Extortion Lawyer

    While the Connecticut Penal Code explicitly prohibits people from offering or selling sexual services directly in exchange for any form of compensation, it is not so clear what is or isn’t allowed when it comes to offering intimate companionship to someone else for money. Being a “sugar baby” to a “sugar daddy” exists in something of a legal gray area in the Nutmeg State—unless that is, the “sugar baby” tries to extort additional money out of their “sugar daddy” by threatening them in some way.

    As any experienced defense attorney can tell you, a single conviction for “Larceny by Extortion” could lead to you facing multiple years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines, even if you have no prior criminal record. If you are facing allegations related to your relationship with a “sugar daddy,” you should make contacting a seasoned Westport “sugar daddy” extortion lawyer one of your top priorities.

    Possible Penalties from a “Sugar Daddy” Extortion Charge

    According to subsection (5) of Connecticut General Statutes (“C.G.S.”) §53a-119, someone commits “extortion” if they force or cause someone else to give them money or some other form of personal property by making them reasonably fear that the person doing the extorting will harm them in some way otherwise.

    “Harm” in this context includes not only physical injury but also various forms of reputational and/or professional damage—for example, revealing the nature of a “sugar baby” relationship to the family and friends of the “sugar daddy.”

    As per C.G.S. §53a-122, Larceny through Extortion is always treated as a Class B felony regardless of the value of money or property taken. This means a conviction carries a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 1 year—meaning a court that convicts you is required by law to make you spend at least a full year in prison without any option to suspend the sentence—up to a maximum of 15 years, plus up to $15,000 in fines. This should emphasize just how important it is to get help from a skilled Westport “sugar daddy” extortion attorney when facing an allegation of this nature.

    How to Fight Back Against Extortion Accusations

    Effective defense strategies against “sugar daddy” extortion charges usually do not center around proving that no “sugar daddy” relationship existed in the first place, since that is neither directly relevant to the charge you are actually facing and is not actually illegal in Connecticut by the strict letter of the law. Instead, the focus is typically on establishing that one or more core elements of “Extortion” as a criminal offense was not present in the actions you actually took, as a “sugar daddy” extortion lawyer in Westport can explain in detail during a private consultation.

    For example, if you cut off a relationship with a “sugar daddy” because they did not want to pay you an increased rate, that does not count as extortion since you did not threaten to meaningfully “harm” them as the term is defined in this context. Likewise, a threat to cause harm to a “sugar daddy” without any financial component to it may result in a different type of criminal charge, but it would almost certainly be a less severe one than Class B felony extortion.

    Talk to a Westport “Sugar Daddy” Extortion Attorney About Legal Options

    No two criminal cases are exactly alike, and that is especially true for charges arising from relationships between “sugar daddies” and “sugar babies.” If you want to proactively pursue a favorable case result after being accused of extorting a “sugar daddy,” you will want help from someone who has handled similar cases—and all kinds of other criminal matters—effectively and efficiently in the past.

    A Westport “sugar daddy” extortion lawyer from our team can provide the tenacious representation you need to protect your rights. Call Mark Sherman Law today to learn more, and click here to read some of the reviews left by past clients on our Avvo profile.