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    Westport Evading Responsibility Summons and Complaint Tickets

    Evading responsibility is a serious offense that could endanger the lives of others an also result in criminal consequences for an individual. In Westport, there is only a misdemeanor summons and complaint ticket for evading responsibility. For persons charged with a felony, the police take them into custody and process them. If it is a misdemeanor, it is up to the police if they want to process the person and take them into custody. If it is a felony, they have to take the person in. In either case, a determined evading responsibility attorney with experience handling Westport evading responsibility summons and complaint tickets could be instrumental. Those who have been charged with evading responsibility should seek the services of an experienced legal advocate that could help.

    Misdemeanor Summons Explained

    A misdemeanor summons and a complaint is paperwork from the police that they are making a formal complaint against a person, that the person has committed a crime, and that they are being summoned to court and charged with evading responsibility. It lists, among other things, the court time and date that the person needs to show up. In the event a misdemeanor or felony summons and complaint occurs, the first step a person should take in Westport is to contact an attorney and to meet with them about the misdemeanor summons and complaint.

    Does an Arrest Always Result in Getting Booked?

    Under Westport law, a ticket for evading responsibility would be considered an arrest. It is a common misconception that when the police give someone a misdemeanor summons that they have not been arrested. The person has been charged with a crime and it is considered an arrest. However, an arrest does not always result in a person being booked fingerprinted, and photographed for a mug shot at the police station. If the police decide to give the person Westport evading responsibility summons and complaint tickets, they never go to the police station. If the police take the person to the station and put the person through the booking process, they are fingerprinted and photographed.

    Pleading Guilty to a Hit and Run Offense

    In Westport, a person might want to think twice about pleading guilty to an evading responsibility charge because they would have a misdemeanor or felony on their record that would come up in criminal background checks or job searches in the future. Background checks need to be passed. It could also result in a license suspension.

    Pleading guilty to a ticket of evading responsibility charge is different than pleading guilty to a speeding ticket in Westport because a speeding ticket is an infraction. It does not go on a person’s criminal record. It goes on a person’s driving history, but there is no exposure or any jail time. A ticket for evading responsibility is, at a minimum, a misdemeanor or it could be a felony and would go on the person’s criminal record.

    Value of a Westport Evading Responsibility Attorney

    A permanent criminal conviction record might influence a person’s livelihood because it could hurt someone’s reputation around town and their ability to get a job, which hurts their livelihood.  A lot of employers do background checks. If they see a criminal record, they are hesitant to employ people.

    If you have been charged with a hit and run offense, you should consult a criminal lawyer as soon as possible. A capable attorney may have experience handling Westport evading responsibility summons and complaint tickets. After a ticket of evading responsibility has been issued, an attorney could work diligently to protect an individual’s rights.