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    Accused of “Moral Neglect” by Connecticut DCF? FIGHT BACK!

    Accused of “Moral Neglect” by Connecticut DCF?  FIGHT BACK!
    • In Connecticut, DCF investigates any reports of child abuse or neglect.
    • Moral neglect is extremely broad under Connecticut’s laws.
    • If you – even indirectly – involve your child in any illegal behavior, DCF may substantiate moral neglect against you.

    • If DCF calls you or shows up at your door, remember that nothing you say is confidential and consult with a top DCF defense attorney right away.

    What is Moral Neglect in Connecticut DCF?

    Moral neglect is incredibly broad under Connecticut DCF regulations.  Basically, if you are accused of doing anything that might expose a child to illegal or “reprehensible” activity, then you can be investigated and potentially substantiated for moral neglect by CT DCF.  The best DCF lawyers know that many DCF moral neglect investigations start when a parent commits a crime – like stealing or using drugs – in front of their child, even if their child was not involved.

    How Does a Moral Neglect DCF Investigation Start?

    DCF agents will usually get a referral from a police officer, if you are accused of committing a crime in your child’s presence.  In fact, police officers in Connecticut are mandated reporters, meaning that they are required by law to make a referral to DCF if they even suspect child abuse or child neglect.  The beginning of investigation itself may come as a surprise to you, with DCF suddenly calling your cell phone or even showing up at your front door.  For more on what to expect during the investigation, read this post.

    Here’s What to Expect in a DCF Moral Neglect Investigation

    First, DCF looks to see if you’ve been accused of a crime.  If you have, DCF agents will look to see if your child was present.  For example, if you’re accused of shoplifting, they’ll look to see if your child was there with you or even involved.  Even if you weren’t accused of a crime, DCF may look to see if you are using drugs or alcohol to excess or if you are allowing you child to use substances, even if it’s in your own home.  For more on how to handle interactions with DCF, click here.

    If My Teenager gets Arrested, Will I Get in Trouble with DCF?

    It depends.  If DCF finds that somehow you allowed or encouraged your child to participate in actions that led to his or her arrest, then investigators may try to substantiate moral neglect against you.  But, if your DCF defense attorney can show to DCF that you had no role in or no awareness of your teenager’s actions, then you may be able to avoid a substantiation.

    How Can a DCF Defense Lawyer Help Avoid a Substantiation for Moral Neglect? 

    Top DCF attorneys in Connecticut know the ins and outs of DCF investigations and can help guide you through the process every step of the way.  If you’re being investigated by DCF and are also accused of a crime or have a criminal case pending in Connecticut, then you need to be especially careful not to incriminate yourself.  Remember, anything you say to a DCF agent can be used against you, so make sure you get an experienced attorney who can work to protect your rights.

    Call a Connecticut DCF Moral Neglect Defense Lawyer Today

    If you are accused of a crime, you’re probably already feeling overwhelmed.  The last thing you need is a DCF agent knocking on your door.  Remember – you have the right to an attorney during each and every step of a DCF investigation.  Make sure you get in touch with a team of lawyers who are experienced in both criminal defense and DCF defense representation.  Check out our reviews from past clients at  Then call us today at (203) 358-4700.