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    New Haven Criminal Lawyer

    No matter what the charge is, it is vital that people take steps to protect themselves following an arrest. Hiring a New Haven criminal lawyer could be the right choice in protecting your future and your reputation. An experienced attorney can argue for reduced bail, file evidentiary motions, negotiate plea deals, and present a defense at trial.

    What Types of Charges Might a Person Face in New Haven?

    Crimes in Connecticut are separated into two main categories. The less serious of the two are misdemeanors. These charges carry the potential for less than one year in jail, a fine of no more than $2,000.

    Some commonly charged misdemeanors are disorderly conduct, larceny in the sixth degree, and breach of peace. However, don’t let the low penalties fool you. If your misdemeanor is characterized as domestic violence, you can be facing protective orders and more serious ramifications outside of the courtroom.

    What Are The Penalties For a Felony Offense?

    More serious crimes are known as felonies in Connecticut. Felonies can land you in jail for years, leave you facing hefty fines, and come with lengthy probation terms. A felony conviction can impact your life for years to come and should be avoided at all costs.

    A skilled New Haven criminal attorney could help people to fully comprehend the charges that they face and to understand the possible consequences of conviction.

    What Can People Expect in Court?

    Facing a criminal charge can be an intimidating experience. For many people, this is their first and only interaction with the criminal justice system. The police and the prosecutors may seem friendly, but remember, their job is to prove you guilty. Therefore, if you are arrested you should immediately reach out to a top New Haven defense attorney who can be your ally during interviews, court dates, and every other step of the way.

    Your first court date is known as the arraignment. This will happen soon after you are arrested. During this first hearing, a person will learn of the nature of the charges that they are facing and the conditions for their pre-trial release are discussed. An attorney can help at this stage by arguing for reduced bail and by starting case discussions with the prosecutor.

    Before the trial, a series of pre-trial hearings will take place. These hearings are an opportunity for a New Haven criminal lawyer to gather remaining evidence, file motions to help their clients, and engage in plea deal negotiations. Only once all of these matters are settled will the case go to trial. A seasoned New Haven criminal attorney could help people by ensuring that their Constitutional rights are protected and by representing their interests in court.

    Let a New Haven Criminal Attorney Help

    Any criminal allegation in Connecticut is a serious matter that can forever change a person’s life. However, a New Haven criminal lawyer can help represent your interests during every stage of the criminal proceedings from arrest and arraignment through trial. You can read our hundreds of certified 5-star reviews by following this link and call us to get started today.