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    If you are arrested in Connecticut and are looking to hire any of the best Danbury criminal lawyers , you should consider hiring a top defense attorney from our firm.

    Arrested in Danbury Connecticut?

    As any of the best Danbury Connecticut criminal attorneys will tell you, if you are arrested you will be summoned to appear in Danbury Superior Court – Criminal Division, located at 146 White Street in Danbury. This courthouse holds the criminal court, traffic court, domestic violence court, divorce court, small claims court, and civil divisions. Danbury arrests for minor misdemeanors and felonies (called “Part B” crimes) and serious felonies (called “Part A” crimes) are required to report to Danbury Superior Court. Because of the diversity of Danbury Connecticut residents, both Spanish and Portugese interpreters are regularly available to people arrested in Danbury.

    In addition to adjudicating Danbury arrests, this court also handles all adult criminal arrests in Ridgefield, New Fairfield, Brookfield, Newtown, Bethel, Redding and Sherman Connecticut. You will see the best Danbury Connecticut criminal lawyers regularly appear in the arraignment courtroom or supervised pre-trial courtroom on the second floor of Danbury Superior Court. And if you are arrested for a Ridgefield or Danbury domestic violence crime, you will also be required to appear on the second floor to fight your Danbury domestic violence arrest.

    The Danbury Police Department

    The Danbury Police Department is located right around the corner from the Danbury Criminal Courthouse. It occupies approximately 75,000 square feet and is located at 375 Main Street in Danbury, Connecticut. As of April 2014, the force consisted of 143 sworn officers. Due, at least in part, to the hard work of the Danbury Police Department, Danbury has been ranked one of the safest cities in the nation, as well as the safest city in Connecticut. The Danbury Police Department has also made use of new technologies to enhance its law enforcement services. Just this year, it executed a computer-based dispatch and record system, that has the capabilities to auto-locate police cars and electronically manage infraction tickets. Unfortunately for Danbury drivers, however, this makes it easier for Danbury police to issue you a Danbury speeding ticket.

    The Department is actively involved in community-based education programs and runs a citizen police academy twice a year. The program teaches Danbury residents about police responsibilities that include investigative duties and court procedures. The residents are also brought up to speed on issues surrounding the police officers’ use of force in protecting themselves. The Danbury Connecticut citizen police academy exists to strengthen the relationship between the citizens and the Danbury police, so that Danbury’s crime rate remains low. Top Danbury Connecticut criminal lawyers appreciate these efforts, as they help cement a bond of trust and respect between law enforcement and Danbury citizens. These community outreach efforts even extend to Danbury’s youth. The Danbury Police Department also sponsors a similar program for young adults between the ages of 14 and 21. This program is called the Police Explorers program and was developed to prepare interested individuals for a future in law enforcement. The participants attend an academy, work alongside officers at Danbury Police headquarters, and they even get to ride with them on patrol.

    Maintaining low crime statistics is at the top of the Danbury Police Department’s agenda. Accomplishing this involves a tough-on-crime approach. The best Danbury criminal attorneys see this approach carry over into the courtroom, where state prosecutors will zealously negotiate plea bargains that involve criminal records, probation, and sometimes jail sentences. Top Danbury criminal lawyers have noticed tougher stances on Danbury arrests for repeat DUI / DWI offenders, violent Danbury domestic violence arrests, Danbury drug and narcotics arrests, and Danbury burglary arrests. Therefore, if you find yourself arrested in Danbury for a misdemeanor or felony, then you should get in touch with a top Danbury criminal lawyer to discuss fighting your Danbury arrest and trying to get your case dismissed.

    What Are the Major Danbury Connecticut High Schools?

    There are two public high schools in Danbury – Danbury High School and Henry Abbott Technical School. With a student body just short of 3,000, Danbury High School currently has one of the highest secondary school enrollments in the State of Connecticut. Danbury High School’s outdoor stadium holds 4000 people and hosts many of its sporting events. Danbury High School also has an alternative-learning program designed for at-risk students, called the Alternative Center for Excellence (“ACE”). This program teaches about 100 students, and maintains, on average, an 11:1 student-teacher ratio, so that a significant amount of attention can be devoted to the individual needs of each student. Students at ACE are offered guidance groups, mentor programs and private tutoring. They also engage in community service and outdoor activities. Students who attend this program, must complete the graduation requirements for Danbury High School, and are awarded a Danbury High School diploma.

    The Henry Abbott Technical School is different from Danbury High School, in that it is a four-year vocational trade school. In addition to providing instruction in the traditional academic subjects, the school also provides instruction in a number of trades that include auto repair, electric, plumbing, heating and culinary arts. The Abbott School’s enrollment of approximately 640 students makes its student body only about a fifth of the size of Danbury High School’s. The Abbott Tech School recently underwent a major renovation that was completed in 2009.

    Danbury Connecticut Juvenile Arrests

    Both Danbury High School and Abbott Technical School are staffed with School Resource Officers. These officers are sworn members of the Danbury Police Department and are meant to serve a dual purpose in the school system. That is, they act as law enforcement officers and counselors. They ensure the safety of the students in the school building and around the school’s property. As the best Danbury Connecticut Juvenile criminal lawyers have observed, the SROs are authorized to make arrests on the school property if necessary. However, the SROs try their best to prevent or diffuse situations so that they do not have to make arrests. They prefer mediation and problem-solving without court intervention.

    If a student is arrested, however, such as drug or alcohol use or fighting, then the student will be required to appear at Danbury Juvenile Court or Danbury Superior Court. If the student is under 18, they will have to appear at the Superior Court Juvenile Matters Division in Danbury, which is located at 71 Main Street in Danbury, Connecticut. If the student is 18 or over, they must appear in adult court, Danbury Superior Court – Geographical Area 3 Court which is located at 146 White Street. In addition to serving Danbury, all juvenile arrests in Sherman, New Fairfield, Brookfield, Newtown, Bethel, Redding and Ridgefield report to Danbury Juvenile Court.

    As the top Danbury juvenile criminal lawyers note, in addition to dealing with the criminal court consequences of a Danbury juvenile arrest, there are Danbury school discipline and expulsion consequences. Danbury high schools can suspend or expel you if you are arrested in Danbury for a serious juvenile crime so be sure to contact a Danbury juvenile criminal lawyer prior to having your son or daughter speak with an SRO or school administrators.

    Western Connecticut State University

    Western Connecticut State University is a four-year public university located in the heart of Danbury, Connecticut. The schools of Western Connecticut State University include instruction in the following areas: business, arts and sciences, professional studies and performing arts. Most of the students who attend the University come from the New York metropolitan tri-state area. As of 2014, the school had nearly 6,000 students enrolled. This number includes both undergraduate and graduate students who attend school part-time and full-time.

    As with any college or university, Western Connecticut college students can sometimes take partying too far, especially in downtown Danbury. The Danbury Police Department has made it very clear to Western Connecticut (or “WestConn”) students that it will arrest college students for Danbury Possession of Alcohol by Minors in violation of C.G.S. 30-89, Distributing Alcohol to Minors under CGS 30-86, or Possession of Marijuana in violation of CGS 21a-279a…all typical problem areas for college students. Additionally, for the many students who commute to Western Connecticut State University from within the tri-state area, a Danbury arrest for 14-227a more commonly known as a DWI / DUI, is also frequently prosecuted, often requiring the services of a top Danbury DUI / DWI criminal lawyer.

    Although some of these Danbury Connecticut arrests of WestConn students may only result in a fine, others might result in a driver’s license suspension, college suspension or expulsion, or much worse, a permanent felony or misdemeanor criminal record. It is therefore a wise idea to contact a top Danbury criminal attorney to make sure you know the consequences of getting arrested in Danbury Connecticut. This includes contacting a top Danbury Connecticut school discipline attorney or top Danbury Connecticut expulsion lawyer if you are facing school discipline proceedings in Connecticut.

    What Is the Arraignment Process in Danbury for Domestic Violence?

    If you are arrested in Danbury for a domestic violence crime, you will be required to appear in Danbury domestic violence court on the following business day. This is called your arraignment. At your Danbury domestic violence arrest arraignment, the judge will hold a protective / restraining order hearing. There are three types of criminal protective orders: (1) a full no contact order, (2) a residential stay-away order, or (3) a partial or limited protective order which prohibits you from threatening, assaulting or harassing the protected person.

    As the best Danbury domestic violence criminal lawyers will explain, once you arrive at court for your Danbury domestic violence arrest arraignment, you will be required to meet with the a Family Relations Officer on the basement level of the Danbury Superior Court. These officers will interview you and conduct a brief risk and safety assessment prior to your Danbury restraining order hearing. While anything you say to them can and may be used against you in your underlying Danbury domestic violence criminal case, the Office of Family Relations is a helpful resource for those people arrested for a Danbury domestic violence crime. In fact, if Family Relations retains your case for monitoring and assistance, they—along with the assistance of your top Danbury criminal lawyer—can often work together to get your Danbury domestic violence arrest dismissed.

    Victims of Danbury Domestic Violence Arrests

    Danbury has an abundance of resources available for victims of domestic violence. Since 1975, the Women’s Center of Greater Danbury has been an effective and free resource in the community for both female and male Danbury domestic violence crime victims. The Center assist victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault in parts of both Fairfield County and Litchfield County. Services provided by the Women’s Center include counseling, advocacy, education, training, safe shelters, and emergency intervention. The Center never closes and serves about 20,000 individuals annually. While the Center can assist a Danbury domestic violence crime victim in court, victims of domestic violence can also hire a top Danbury domestic violence victim lawyer to guide them through the criminal court process. These lawyers can voice your opinion to the domestic violence prosecutor and judge, advocate for tighter (or looser) restraining order restrictions, and push aggressively for penalties such as alcohol and drug counseling, 100-yard stay-away orders, and even jail, if necessary. You can also hire a top Danbury Restraining Order lawyer to help you get or fight a Danbury civil restraining order application hearing in Danbury family court. So if you are a victim of a Danbury domestic violence crime arrest, consider calling a top Danbury domestic violence lawyer to assist you with the criminal case, as well as with getting you a Danbury civil restraining order.

    Danbury Property Crimes

    Danbury is one of the safer cities in Connecticut. In 2013, it experienced the lowest crime rate for major crimes that it had seen in about 20 years. However, Danbury still has its fair share of property crimes. Property crimes account for the majority of crimes occurring in Danbury, and include Danbury burglaries, larcenies, ordinary thefts and motor vehicle thefts. Video surveillance has become increasingly useful to Danbury prosecutors in charging and prosecuting Danbury larceny, burglary and robbery cases. A top Danbury criminal lawyer, with experience in defending Danbury larcenies and burglaries, will help you develop the best defense strategies to fight your Danbury larceny arrest.

    Danbury Speeding Tickets & Cell Phone Tickets

    Distracted driving and speeding cases have garnered quite a bit of publicity in the Danbury area. The Danbury Police Department’s Traffic Enforcement Unit has dialed up its efforts to combat and prevent distracted driving and Speeding, and have been doling out dozens of Danbury 14-296aa Cell Phone tickets, 14-219 Danbury Speeding tickets, and 14-218a Traveling Unreasonably Fast tickets. In recent years, the Danbury Police Department joined other Fairfield County Connecticut police departments in an annual week-long crackdown against distracted drivers who violating cell phone driving laws under 14-296aa. So if you are stopped in Danbury for Speeding, or given a 14-296aa cell phone violation ticket, you could be fined anywhere between $125 and $400, depending on whether it is your first, second or third violation. Pleading guilty by mail to a 14-219 or 14-218a Speeding tickets might also result in a higher insurance premium or a suspension of your driver’s license. So before pleading guilty by mail, contact a top Danbury Speeding ticket lawyer to discuss your options and the most cost-effective way of fighting your Danbury Speeding ticket.

    Danbury Possession of Marijuana Tickets & Arrests

    Finally, if you get a ticket in Danbury Connecticut for possessing less than one-half ounce of marijuana in violation of C.G.S. § 21a-279a, you should think twice before you check the guilty box and send in your fine money. This guilty plea never comes off your record and shows up in every background check conducted by a potential employer, life insurance carrier, or landlord. Not everyone has liberal views of marijuana so it may be worth contacting a top Danbury criminal lawyer to fight your Danbury Possession of Marijuana ticket.

    Let a Danbury Criminal Attorney Fight for You

    For nearly 15 years, the Law Offices of Mark Sherman have been defending clients arrested in Connecticut for felonies, misdemeanors, DUIs / DWIs, and all other motor vehicle and traffic matters. So if you are arrested and are looking for a Danbury criminal lawyer to defend you or your family member, call our firm today.