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    Police efforts to charge Fairfield County drivers with more traffic and speeding tickets and moving violations are on the rise. The purpose is twofold–first, to help make Connecticut roads and highways safer. Second, to generate additional revenue through excessive and unnecessary fines on Connecticut drivers who in some cases should just be issued warnings. Our criminal defense attorneys routinely get calls from motorists who are just trying to get to work, get their kids to school, or get home after a long day. To get slapped with a stiff fine for a moving violation—that also carries insurance and DMV consequences—just does not seem fair. Therefore if you have been issued a speeding ticket or traffic ticket for a moving violation in Stamford, Greenwich, Norwalk, New Canaan, Darien, Wilton or Westport, then you should call an experienced Connecticut traffic lawyer at Mark Sherman Law.

    The Most Common Speeding & Traffic Tickets Issued for Moving Violations

    We have recently seen a surge of motor vehicle violation tickets in Connecticut. The most frequently issued motor vehicle charges include:

    In the event you plead guilty to any of the violations and misdemeanors above, you may be assessed penalty points on your driving history, could be forced to take a driver’s education retraining course, and in some scenarios, have your driving privileges suspended by the DMV. Further, as discussed below, there are significant auto insurance consequences that result from guilty pleas to the above charges. That’s why it is important to hire a top Connecticut speeding and traffic ticket attorney to help you fight these tickets.

    What Should You Do When You Are Pulled Over for Speeding or Motor Vehicle Violations?

    It is critical that you realize that when you are pulled over by police, they sometimes have the discretion to either issue you a summons for a moving violation or give you a warning and let you go. It is best to be respectful and courteous to police and state troopers, even if you disagree with their accusations, or are offended by the tone and tenor that law enforcement is taking with you during the traffic stop. Not only can your attitude and demeanor affect the officer’s decision to issue you a warning, but in the event, you are in fact issued a ticket, your attitude and demeanor will also be noted on the ticket for the traffic court prosecutors to review and take into consideration. If these demeanor notes are favorable, then your Connecticut speeding and traffic ticket lawyer may be able to use this positive report to help get that ticket ripped up at court.

    After you receive the ticket, do not immediately plead guilty without fully understanding the consequences. It’s at this point that it would be a good idea to call a top attorney to determine whether it would be in your best interests to plead not guilty and fight these charges in court.

    Do You Need A Lawyer to Fight Your Speeding & Traffic Tickets?

    When you get a ticket for a moving violation in Connecticut, you usually need a traffic attorney to explain to you the nature of the charges brought against you by the State. Are they infractions? Violations? Misdemeanors? Sometimes you can be charged with a misdemeanor traffic crime like Reckless Driving without being booked and processed at the local police department. In other words, a charge like this feels like a speeding ticket, but if you plead guilty, you will have a permanent criminal record. Thus, if you are issued a traffic summons or speeding or moving violation ticket, then you should call the team at Mark Sherman Law. We will give you an honest assessment of your case and the possible outcomes, and provide you with a cost-benefit analysis to help you determine whether it is worth your investment to hire an attorney.

    How We Fight Your Speeding & Traffic Tickets

    Once hired, the Mark Sherman Law traffic lawyers in our Stamford office will review your case carefully. Our “two-attorney” review process gives your case and police reports an additional level of scrutiny and examination. We review the police reports for errors and oversights. We analyze the probable cause analysis applied by police and make sure any speed detection devices are accurate. Whether the apparatus used is by laser, radar, or otherwise, we often research the device’s calibration history and try to explore every possible defense for your case.

    Connecticut DMV & License Consequences

    A serious consequence of pleading guilty to any Connecticut speeding ticket or moving violation is the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicle (the “DMV”) penalties for these convictions. The penalties vary mandatory driving retraining courses, temporary suspensions, fines and fees. We often get calls from drivers who send in guilty pleas by mail and then are surprised to receive DMV suspension notices or warnings shortly after the court communicates the guilty pleas to the DMV. This is not surprising, as drivers who receive traffic tickets are very rarely warned by police that pleading guilty could affect their driver’s license. That’s why it is important to contact a speeding ticket attorney at Mark Sherman Law to understand the consequences of pleading guilty to any moving violation.

    Are There Any Insurance Consequences to Pleading Guilty to a Speeding Ticket?

    One final consequence that often goes overlooked is the impact that pleading guilty to a Connecticut speeding ticket or moving violation will have on your automobile insurance policy and premiums. Usually, your policy is up for renewal annually. As a result, your carrier will often review your driving history with DMV and adjust their rates based on your conviction record. And if your driving record is peppered with convictions and moving violations, you are at serious risk of having your rates increased or in some drastic cases, having your policy canceled altogether. That’s why it may make sense to invest in a Connecticut speeding ticket and traffic ticket lawyer to fight your ticket rather than pay more money in increased premiums.

    Contact A Connecticut Traffic Attorney Right Away

    If you have been charged with speeding, reckless driving, traveling unreasonably fast, reckless driving or any other moving violation, call an experienced Connecticut traffic lawyer at Mark Sherman Law today. Our rates are reasonable and competitive. Our number one priority is results. We are available 24/7 for consultations. We look forward to hearing from you.