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    Connecticut Sex Crimes Lawyer

    As media attention and information on sexual misconduct increases, Connecticut law enforcement officials frequently err on the side of caution when responding to allegations. This means that misinterpreted actions could lead to unjustified charges of harassment, assault, or other forms of misconduct.

    It is important to take any charge of sexual misconduct or an alleged sex crime seriously, and that typically means it is important to retain a qualified criminal attorney. Allowing an experienced Connecticut sex crimes lawyer to evaluate the circumstances of your situation could help you decide on the best course of action given your specific circumstances.

    Connecticut Sex Assault Arrest – First, Second, Third & Fourth Degrees

    The Connecticut Penal Code has attempted to create uniform terminology for sex-based criminal acts. Instead of using phrases such as rape or sexual battery, the penal code refers to these crimes as varying degrees of sexual assault arrests in Connecticut

    What is the Definition of Sex Assault in CT?

    The statutes include four different degrees of sexual assault, as well as additional factors that can be aggravate a charge or be separate offenses. These different degrees of assault range in severity and have widely different penalties. A top Connecticut sex crimes attorney can explain each offense in greater detail and provide insight into potential outcomes.

    Some specific sex crimes listed in the Connecticut Penal Code include:

        • Sexual assault in the fourth degree – sexual contact with a party who is legally ineligible to consent
        • Sexual assault in the third degree – sexual contact under force
        • Sexual assault in the second degree – commonly referred to as statutory rape
        • Sexual assault in the first degree – commonly referred to as rape
        • Sexual assault in co-habiting or spousal relationship
        • Prostitution

    Additional actions such as involvement of a minor or the use of a weapon are considered aggravating factors. These could potentially alter charges and ensuing punishments.

    What are the Jail Penalties for Sex Assault Charges in Connecticut?

    Sexual assault crimes involving sexual penetration, such as first and second-degree sexual assault, could be punished the most severely. These are charged as felonies with maximum prison sentences up to 50 years and large fines, especially in cases where the alleged victim is a minor.

    Sexual assaults in the third and fourth degree may carry less aggressive penalties. They can lead to felony charges and hold prison sentences of up to 20 years, as well as fines.

    Some sex crimes are classified as misdemeanors depending on the circumstance of the incident in question. Such offenses are punishable maximum of up to one year in jail and a potential fine. A designated sex crimes lawyer in Connecticut could provide greater insight into how these crimes are classified and punished.

    Sex Offender Registration

    For many sex crime cases, Connecticut has sex offender registration requirements. This means that many who are convicted of sex crimes must register with the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection for a minimum of 10 years. Failure to register could lead to additional felony charges.

    The consequences of this can be life-changing. In addition to the potential for imprisonment and heavy fines, this registration requirement and the criminal charge could become a matter of public record that harms your personal life, ability to secure employment, and ability to move about freely.

    Build a Strong Defense with an Top Connecticut Sex Crimes Attorney

    Collecting comprehensive evidence is extremely important when dealing with sex crimes. A single piece of information could be critical in developing a strong defense—or, conversely, a strong prosecution. A seasoned Connecticut sex crimes lawyer should understand these factors and could use that experience to effectively pursue a positive outcome to an unfortunate situation.

    If you are facing charges of a sex crime, it is important to move forward by speaking with a seasoned criminal defense attorney. Call any of the best Connecticut sex crimes lawyers soon as possible to discuss the details of your case further.