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    Criminal charges and arrests must always be taken seriously. The consequences of a Norwalk criminal arrest can be utterly life-changing, not just for the accused, but also their loved ones.  Arrest reports and mug shots for innocent people are frequently posted online. That is why Norwalk criminal charges need to be taken on with an aggressive legal response. If you are facing criminal charges, then contact a Norwalk criminal lawyer that is prepared to take up the fight on your behalf.

    What are the Most Common Criminal Offenses in Norwalk?

    The realm of criminal law is extremely varied in terms of the types of conduct prohibited by Norwalk criminal law and the available defense strategies each requires.

    Commonly charged crimes our Norwalk criminal attorneys handle include:

    Defense Strategies for Norwalk Criminal Cases

    A criminal arrest of any type is likely to trigger emotions fear, anxiety and depression. If there is any good news for defendants, it is that there are many aggressive and effective defense strategies available to people arrested in Norwalk. There are defense strategies that can substantially reduce exposure to the stiff jail penalties, fines and reputational damage that arises from a Norwalk arrest.

    Depending on the type of crime charged, defense strategies involving theories of self-defense, intoxication, infancy, illegal search and seizure, entrapment, duress, or mental defect could be applicable. When utilized by any of the best criminal defense attorneys in Norwalk who can marshal essential evidence in a cost-effective way, these methods may greatly reduce the charges or even avoid convictions.

    All of the crimes are defined in the State’s Penal Code, which outlines all the criminal offenses, ranging from sexual assault to larceny to weapons crimes and everything in between.  The Code also describes the applicable penalties for each crime and also designates whether each crime is a felony or a misdemeanor.

    What is a Misdemeanor?

    Conn. Gen. Stat. Ann. § 53a-26 provides an informative definition of misdemeanor offenses as those for which individuals may receive sentences of incarceration that do not exceed one year. The statute further provides several classifications of misdemeanors and the maximum imprisonment applicable to each. As is the case in other jurisdictions, offenses in this classification are considered less serious than their felony counterparts.

    How are Felonies Defined in CT?

    Felonies are crimes thought to be especially harmful to society and thus require more severe sanctions under Norwalk law. Felony penalties are set forth in Conn. Gen. Stat. Ann. § 53a-25. In addition to the expected penalties of incarceration, monetary fines, and probationary supervision, criminal convictions can wreak very real havoc on the lives of the accused as well as those closest to them.

    From job loss, social stigma, online reputation damage, and interference with custodial arrangements pleading guilty in Norwalk to a criminal record can be a negative, life-altering occurrence from which it may be difficult to recover. That is why it is important to reference a Norwalk criminal lawyer as assistance.

    Let a Norwalk Criminal Attorney Help

    Criminal defense is a complicated area of the law in which the quality, quantity, and interpretation of evidence will always prove pivotal. If you are in the difficult position of facing serious allegations that could subject you to lengthy incarceration, expensive fines and more, a Norwalk criminal lawyer is prepared to fight for your rights.

    Because each type of criminal allegation calls for a specific sort of defense strategy, there is no substitute for the involvement of an experienced practitioner with a track record of securing successful results. Call today for a consultation.