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    Wilton Criminal Lawyer

    People arrested in Wilton who do not give their situation the serious attention it deserves to do so at great risk. Failing to fight an arrest can result in a permanent criminal record and a lifetime blemish to your professional reputation.

    If you have been arrested and wish to protect your reputation, it may be in your best interest to contact a Wilton criminal lawyer. Experienced criminal attorneys can guide you through the defense-making process in order to lessen your penalties.

    Defending Criminal Offenses

    The issuance of a criminal arrest is a life-changing moment for any person, and it is not uncommon for a real doubt and fear to take hold.  If there is any comfort to be found, it is in the fact that the threat of severe penalties upon conviction can often be countered by a relentless legal strategy. By raising defenses such as self-defense, coercion, sexual consent and others, it is possible for a Wilton lawyer to secure reductions or dismissals of an individual’s criminal charges.

    What is the Case Process Following Criminal Charges?

    Given the expansive landscape of criminal law in Connecticut and elsewhere, it makes sense to gain a clear understanding of how offenses are defined and differentiated according to state statute. According to statistics released by the State of Connecticut, in 2015, more than 15,000 arrests occurred in Fairfield County alone, involving allegations of crimes as diverse as burglary, DUI and murder. Our Wilton lawyers know that the law makes sharp distinctions between criminal offenses classified as misdemeanors and those that are felonies. Misdemeanors are perceived as being considerably less damaging to the aims of society as well as the victims involved, and as a result, yield less serious penalties.

    What Are the Jail Terms for Misdemeanors and Felonies?

    Crimes in the misdemeanor category produce jail terms lasting a year or less. Felonies, on the other hand, carry much greater gravity, and incarceration potentially lasts much longer.

    Common Criminal Charges in Wilton

    No matter if the charge is seemingly minor in nature or one with profound, lifelong implications, it is vital for each and every person arrested in Wilton to promptly enlist the aid of a Wilton criminal lawyer.

    Among the criminal charges with which a Wilton attorney can help are those involving allegations of conduct such as:

    Impact of a Criminal Conviction

    The devastating ramifications of a criminal sentence are not always obvious. Periods of incarceration, heavy monetary fines, community service requirements, probation and other sanctions regularly imposed following conviction can make life extremely difficult, especially in the short term.

    There are a number of ancillary effects to having a criminal record which can harm an individual’s prospects well into the future. These include employment difficulties, online reputation damage, mandatory inclusion on the sex offender registry, societal scorn, loss of child custody and other consequences which every defendant must seek to avoid.

    Hire a Wilton Criminal Attorney

    A Wilton criminal lawyer you can get your defense strategy started and plan presentations for court on your behalf. If you have been accused of breaking the law an attorney is eager to help you protect your rights. Call today to learn more.