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    Ridgefield Criminal Lawyer

    Anyone arrested for criminal charges can face jail exposure, steep fines, and financial costs of a trial. However, a Ridgefield criminal lawyer who can present an argument on your behalf.

    An experienced defense attorney is often a defendant’s best ally when trying to secure the best possible outcome to a Ridgefield arrest. They understand how important it is to try preventing negative effects on future employment and personal reputation.

    What Is The Impact of a Guilty Plea?

    As an attorney can attest, there is no doubt that the penalties imposed for a Ridgefield criminal conviction can be difficult, painful and logistically inconvenient, the truth is that the harmful ramifications of such events tend to linger for long after a sentence is served.

    It can prove extremely difficult to retain or secure new employment once a criminal record has been established, especially when your arrest or conviction is permanently plastered all over the internet.

    Furthermore, your community standing, immigration prospects, professional status and perhaps even custodial/parental rights of a convicted individual may be irreparably damaged.

    Common Ridgefield Offenses

    Ridgefield Police, along with Danbury Connecticut prosecutors (where all Ridgefield Connecticut arrests are litigated) routinely prosecute the following crimes:

    • Assault/Domestic Violence
    • Sex Crimes
    • Forgery/Fake IDs
    • Prescription Drug DUI/DWI/OUI
    • Fraud
    • Drug crimes
    • Weapons offenses
    • Computer crimes
    • Prostitution/Soliciting
    • Money laundering
    • Probation and parole violations
    • Homicide

    Considering the onerous penalties that routinely come on the heels of conviction on any of the charges listed above, it is crucially important for all defendants to promptly enlist the counsel of a Ridgefield criminal attorney.

    Planning a Criminal Defense

    The sense of panic that can develop once criminal charges are filed against you is understandable, but that is no reason for a defendant to neglect their right to an aggressive legal defense.

    Individuals in this position need to realize that in many cases, effective defense strategies are more likely with the help of a Ridgefield criminal attorney. These strategies can result in reductions or dismissals of criminal charges or, in the alternative, substantially limit the severity of the penalties imposed by the court.

    What are Aggressive Defense Arguments?

    Examples of aggressive defense tactics commonly used by top Ridgefield criminal law practitioners include those focusing on:

    • Defendant’s mental health
    • Self-defense
    • Sexual Consent
    • Defense undertaken on behalf of others
    • Police entrapment
    • Duress
    • Unconstitutional search and seizure of evidence

    What Are The Penalties of Misdemeanor Arrests?

    As is the case in other American jurisdictions, misdemeanors in Connecticut, defined by Conn. Gen. Stat. Ann. §53a-26, are those crimes that are considered somewhat less serious than others and which may yield jail terms under one year in duration.

    Felony crimes and their potential sanctions are offenses that are much more significant in nature, due to the perceived impact of such conduct on society at large. A skilled Ridgefield attorney can help anyone facing felony and misdemeanor criminal offenses mitigate the charges against them.

    Reach Out to a Ridgefield Criminal Attorney

    When it comes to safeguarding your personal liberty, financial stability, and future job prospects, a top Ridgefield criminal lawyer will work tirelessly on your behalf. If you have been accused of criminal conduct and wish to begin the process of building your defense, there really is no time to waste. Contact our office today to learn more.