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    Stamford Criminal Lawyer

    Facing criminal charges can be terrifying. You may feel overwhelmed by the potential consequences of a conviction, or feel hopeless in the face of what the police have told you is a rock solid case. While you should take any criminal charges against you very seriously, you should not lose hope.

    There are many defenses against nearly any criminal charge. If you are being charged with committing a crime in the Stamford, Connecticut area, then you have certain legal rights that must be respected.

    You need to be aware of those rights in order to defend yourself properly and avoid severe penalties. An experienced Stamford criminal lawyer from Mark Sherman Law can help you protect your rights while advocating for leniency from the judge.

    How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

    Depending on the types of criminal charges that are being brought against you, Connecticut laws can be extremely complicated. The prosecution is likely already working on preparing the evidence and legal arguments they will present to the judge when seeking a conviction, but you are entitled to defend yourself in court.

    You will need the help of an attorney who understands all the legal issues affecting your case and who can identify factors that weigh in your favor to make the best of this opportunity, preferably not a divorce or personal injury lawyer who dabbles in Connecticut criminal law.

    Even someone entirely innocent of the charges against them could find it very hard to prove their innocence without a full understanding of the law and the elements that must be established to convict. A top Stamford, CT criminal attorney can  help you argue your case in front of the judge, and may even be able to have the charges against you lowered or dropped altogether.

    Connecticut Criminal Laws

    The Connecticut Penal Code contains the laws relating to criminal behavior in the state. Our Stamford criminal defense attorneys can help you defend yourself against a wide range of charges, including:

    Felony and Misdemeanor Offenses

    Crimes in Connecticut are generally divided into misdemeanor and felony offenses, based on how serious or how dangerous the crime is considered to be. Penalties for felony offenses are far harsher than are those for misdemeanors, and always expose you to prison time.

    Conviction of a misdemeanor offense may result in steep fines, but, on their own, will never require jail time of more than one year. In contrast, conviction of a felony offense can result in a sentence requiring you to spend a year or more in prison.

    Many statutes relating to felony offenses contain severe mandatory minimum jail sentences. A felony conviction will also have lasting effects on your privileges as a private citizen – restricting your right to vote, and affecting your employment, credit, and housing opportunities. A skilled criminal attorney in Stamford, Connecticut can help you avoid these harsher penalties.

    Plea Bargaining

    Of the many crimes prosecuted in the area, very few defendants will ever take the opportunity to argue their case to a judge or jury at trial. Most criminal charges result in out-of-court settlements, in which the prosecution either drops the charges, the judge dismisses the charges, or the prosecutor offers to recommend a more lenient sentence in exchange for a guilty, or “no contest” plea. Many defendants enter into these plea deals without fully understanding the serious legal consequences a guilty plea can have.

    It is imperative that you have an experienced Stamford criminal defense lawyer to help you determine whether or not plea bargaining is in your best interests, based on the specific circumstances of your case. Do not let yourself be bullied or pressured into accepting a deal just because you are overwhelmed by the potential penalties you are facing.

    Contact a Stamford Criminal Defense Attorney Today

    Regardless of the level of criminal charges you are facing, you should obtain reputable legal representation as soon as possible. A conviction can have a lasting impact on your everyday life, your relationships, your standing in the community, and your family.

    Our Stamford criminal lawyers will always fight for your rights to the best of their ability. Contact us to discuss your case today.