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    Can Connecticut DCF Take My Kids Away?

    Can Connecticut DCF Take My Kids Away?
    • Connecticut Department of Children and Families (“DCF”) have the power to take your kids away from you.
    • What’s even worse is that DCF knows it and recklessly threaten Connecticut parents that they CAN take your children from you.
    • Good news is you have a right to a Connecticut DCF lawyer who will push back and not let them steamroll.
    • Make no mistake: some DCF agents are thugs and bullies.
    • DCF can file a petition against you in court alleging that your child is abused, uncared for or neglected.
    • DCF can ask the court to remove your child if your child is in immediate physical danger.

    • If DCF files a petition against you, you will have to appear in court to defend yourself against any allegations made by DCF.
    • You have the right to be represented by an attorney in court.
    • Contact an experienced DCF defense lawyer before going to court to protect your family.

    How Do I Keep Connecticut DCF from Taking my Children Away from Me?

    Yes. They love to threaten to take your kids away–I write about this all the time.  In fact I get so many calls, I created an entire website dedicated to DCF questions.  If DCF files a Motion for Temporary Custody against you, there is a chance the court will afford DCF the right to remove your child from your care.  Be sure to consult with an experienced DCF defense attorney before responding to allegations or attending court proceedings.  Failing to attend court proceedings or preserving your right to a hearing can result in the removal of your child from your home.

    What is a DCF OTC or Order for Temporary Custody?

    If DCF substantiates abuse or neglect against you and believes that your child is in physical danger in your care, the Department can file a motion for temporary custody of your child.  A court will grant a motion for temporary custody of your child if DCF proves that your child is in immediate physical danger from surroundings and as a result of the surroundings, the child’s safety is endangered and immediate removal from the home is necessary to ensure the child’s safety and continuation in the home is contrary to the welfare of the child.

    Do I Need a Connecticut DCF Lawyer to Fight DCF?

    Absolutely. If DCF threatens to take your kids away, or files a Motion for Temporary Custody in court, you have the right to a hearing and to be represented by an attorney at that hearing.  Don’t go into court alone and risk incriminating yourself or losing custody of your kids.  An Connecticut DCF defense attorney has experience challenging DCF’s allegations and appealing substantiations of abuse, to keep your family intact.

    What is a DCF Neglect Petition?

    DCF will file a Neglect Petition against you in court if there is any concern for your child’s welfare, health or safety.  A DCF Neglect Petition alleges that a parent has abused or neglected their child and affords DCF the right to demand that you and your family accept services and intervention.  Often, Neglect Petitions are filed hand-in-hand with Motions for Temporary Custody.  Don’t go to court alone without speaking to an attorney to learn how you can defend yourself against allegations of abuse or neglect.  Click here to read more about defending yourself against DCF Neglect Petitions in court.

    Contact a Connecticut Department of Children and Families DCF Neglect Petition Attorney

    Don’t get bullied by overly aggressive DCF agents. The team of attorneys at Mark Sherman Law have experience defending DCF Motions for Temporary Custody and Neglect Petitions, and are ready to discuss your case with you today.  Call us today at (203) 358-4700 and click here to read certified reviews from prior satisfied clients on