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    Concerned About Allegations of Family and Domestic Violence?

    Concerned About Allegations of Family and Domestic Violence?

    Trouble in families creates strong emotions for everyone involved. When the people you love make allegations of family or domestic violence you need someone who understands the emotions involved and can give you solid legal advice to protect your rights and your future. You need a defense attorney who is compassionate and understanding.

    The Law Offices of Mark Sherman are compassionate counsel in Stamford and Greenwich in times of family difficulty. Contact us as soon as you are aware of these allegations. We can help you protect your rights during the investigation. We can help you understand the rules and any protective orders in place. Most of all, we can listen to your situation and offer you compassionate, sound advice to help you.

    Domestic violence is very important to the State of Connecticut. The prosecution has a number of resources available to them during the investigation and after filing charges. It’s important, therefore, that you consult a Connecticut criminal attorney as quickly as possible after domestic violence allegations are made. We will aggressively protect your rights and work to give you the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

    Be careful to follow any protective or civil restraining order to the letter. Even if you are innocent of the allegations made against you, attempting to contact your loved ones in violation of a protective or restraining order is a felony in itself.

    The Law Office of Mark Sherman is here to help you. Contact us quickly for compassionate and sound advice regardless of the situation. We will work with you and offer assistance in any way we can.